Lenora Ashkenazie

Hi! My name is Lenora Ashkenazie and I have been lucky enough to go on 2 KOC summer trips and a ski trip. These trips are literally life changing and seeing the ways we impact these kids and give them such amazing opportunities is really awe-inspiring. Now it is my time to give back and help continue to make these dreams possible.

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $36

Tzvi Binet

This past summer I was given the wonderful opportunity to be part of kids of courage. Kids Of Courage is an incredible organization; they give children that have an illness the opportunity to be truly happy and bring joy to their life! By helping me reach my goal, you are participating in this incredible organization!

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $1804.78

Moshe & Aviva Brodt

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $1800

Chaya Gres

This summer I was extremely inspired by kids of courage! There's truly no place like it , help me achieve my goal, so you can be apart of something great and experience how great this organization really is!

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $428

Isaac Cub Zaccai

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $2243

Josh Dobkin

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $504

Ely Feintuch

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $1250

Aryeh Feller

I am running in support of the most amazing organization ever! Please donate to help support the wonderful life changing work they do.

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $423

Yonatan Gray

I have been privileged to be part of this wonderful organization for the past 4 years. Having been on 2 summer trips and 2 winter trips has allowed me to see the impact that K.O.C. has on so many people's lives. The opportunities that are given to all the campers and the smiles that it brings to each and single one of them cannot be described. The

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $100

Julie Greenspan & Gayil Fessel

Hi, everyone! I will be running for Kids of Courage for the second year in a row! I had the most amazing and inspiring run last year and thats why im back! Kids of Courage is a magical organization that helps children and young adults with illness attend camp during summer. Please sponsor me so i can help out the organization that helps me so much!

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $2678

Rachel Grossman

Jacob is able to connect with others and have the time of his life with KOC. Jacob is able go to camp as independently as possible.

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $400

Racheli Herzfeld, Molly Greenspan & Michal Wulwick #TeamRacheli

I know that looking at this page you think to yourself; that I'm just another participant in a marathon who's hitting me up for cash but this is different koc is extraordinary and willing to impact hundreds of lives with unbelievable opportunities. We are not as famous as other organizations but are just as important & need as much help if not more

Goal: $9300 | Raised: $6502

Leah Hirsch

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $0

Florence (Shoshana) Husney

Hi I went on the summer trip with a friend as a guest for a few days and it was so nice. Was very impressed with the organization!

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $0

Rechama Jaffa

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $2350.2

Sara Miriam Kaplan

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $336

Ahuva Kessler

As a first time participant in KOC, I found it to be one of the best experiences of a lifetime. It is such a privilege to be apart of something so special and unique. It is an environment filled with such happiness, love and devotion. The joy in each kid, having such a fun filled time is something that goes to the memory treasures of life.

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $186

Ofek Lalkin & Yaakov Haboucha #TeamOfek

I just got back an hour ago from an unbelievable trip with Kids of courage and the first thing I did was sign up for the KOC marathon. KOC is such an incredible organization that does so much for Jewish kids with all different types of disabilities. KOC does so much for many kids we wait for it all year we get home and have reunions a day later!!!

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $911.21

Yossi Levin

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $1968

Danielle Lowinger

Goal: $3613 | Raised: $1046

Sheva Rottenberg

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $702

Goldie Simanowitz

For the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to witness this unbelievable organization make the truly impossible, possible for the campers. I will be iyh running the marathon this year in order to give back to them, and to allow them to continue to do the amazing work they do. Please help me reach my goal :)

Goal: $3600 | Raised: $954

Esther & David Sirkis

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $2166

Solomon Zaccai

Goal: $100000 | Raised: $500

Denise & Dayna Stropkay

My mom and I ran the 2017 Race for Courage last year in Miami. It was our first half marathon and we are not going to lie it was hard. It was raining, it was cold and we kept thinking what are we doing! My mom pushed me in my wheelchair racer and wanted to give up. We couldn't, we didn't and this year we are back stronger and more determined.

Goal: $10,000.00 | Raised: $330

Jacqueline Zaccai

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $68

Malka Tomsky and Zahava Antar

Kids of Courage is like no organization you have ever seen.Happiness is their goal its a home and family many of my friends aren't as privileged as myself I have seizures which makes ALOT difficult but not impossible.I want to give back to what an organization gave me through tears and smiles.We ran outin rain came out with joy and laughter!!!!

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $1947.88

Leora Zomick

I have been involved with Kids of Courage since 2015 and it has changed my life. From the moment I got involved, I knew I was part of something truly special and magical. The relationships I've made and the memories I've cherished will be with me forever.

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $393

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