Ahuva Hirtz

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $742

Ben Taplin and Dovid Schwartz

After waking up in a hospital bed with a trachea realizing two and a half months have passed. Two and a half months that I have spent being in a coma and on ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) life-support.I said to myself that no matter how hard it is, no matter what the pain is I am on a war path to do whatever it takes to get better!

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $139

Dayna & Denise Stropkay

Mom and Me -Who better to run the 2017 KIDS OF COURAGE Miami Marathon with than my mom. You see we have been a team since before I was even born. When I was diagnosed at 8 months old with a rare neurological disorder we began our first race, a race with a course filled with obstacles. Help us reach the finish line.

Goal: $9000 | Raised: $597

Meira Edelman


Goal: $3500 | Raised: $817

David Greenberger

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $450

Team Lev Strong/ Gross

Im currently battling a brain tumor...together with my mom I'm hoping to complete the miami half marathon & support KOC as they continue to support me. Please help us reach our goal...no amount is to small! Thank you! Team Lev Strong

Goal: $10,000 | Raised: $38

Malka Tomsky and Faigie kranczer

I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder when I was 7 years old. My world was torn to shreds and many dreams I had fell apart. I have 3 types of seizures, which got worse as I got older. Seizures have affected my ability to do many activities including playing sports, getting my license and attending college. I've lost my independence in many ways.

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $790

Menasche and Itch Krupka

Hey everyone! Join #TeamKrupka as we take on the Miami Marathon this January in support of Kids of Courage!

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $2082

Rechama Jaffa

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $284

Reva Wolf

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $318

Rosie Ovadia

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $1325

Samuel Soroka and Naftali Greenwald

Join #TeamTuli (as in the one and only Naftali Greenwald and Shmuel Soroka) as we run the Miami marathon, to raise money for the amazing kids of courage. No amount is too small, please help us reach the finish line! Thank you, Naftali and Shmuel

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $0

Toby Gross


Goal: $3500 | Raised: $364

Shloimy Gold and Joey Zaccai

Join me and my boy Joey Zaccai and #TeamPlayers as we crush the Miami marathon for the second straight year!

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $0

Shlomo Schreiber

Here we go

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $72

Tova Epstein

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $5

Tzvi Zazulia

Goal: $5000 | Raised: $0

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