Ahuva Hirtz

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $3713

Dr D. & Avi Davidson

When you donate to Kids of Courage you are investing, investing in the smile for a child that lives a life of challenges most adults are hard pressed to deal with let alone someone who should be focused on simply having fun andmaking friends. This organization, this catalyst for love and compassion towards young kids and young adults is a blessing

Goal: $10000 | Raised: $45862

Aviva Fruchter & Miriam Kramer

Yetty a'h was a little girl with a short life who inspired many.She suffered from multiple medical diagnoses & faced a myriad of challenges.Even as the doctors & nurses would prick her with IV lines & spinal taps, with a bright smile in her sweet and delicate voice,she always said thank you.She was an example of true COURAGE a fighter till the end!

Goal: $9000 | Raised: $6889

Ben Taplin and Dovid Schwartz

After waking up in a hospital bed with a trachea realizing two and a half months have passed. Two and a half months that I have spent being in a coma and on ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) life-support.I said to myself that no matter how hard it is, no matter what the pain is I am on a war path to do whatever it takes to get better!

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $6614

Chaim Grunberg

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $3682

Dayna & Denise Stropkay

Mom and Me -Who better to run the 2017 KIDS OF COURAGE Miami Marathon with than my mom. You see we have been a team since before I was even born. When I was diagnosed at 8 months old with a rare neurological disorder we began our first race, a race with a course filled with obstacles. Help us reach the finish line.

Goal: $9000 | Raised: $7119

Eran Melnik & Itzy Cagen #TeamItzy

Hello everyone! I am fundraising to participate in my first 1/2 Marathon with Kids Of Courage and to help take Itzy Cagen to Florida for his 30th birthday!!

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $6191

Meira Edelman


Goal: $3500 | Raised: $2868

Esti Waldman

After running the marathon with Race For Courage twice, this year I plan to experience it differently. I will be volunteering as the photographer for the team, like I have on the past 4 summer trips and 3 winter trips with Kids of Courage. So, while I can't ask you to sponsor my run, I'd like to ask that you consider sponsoring all these trips.

Goal: $5000 | Raised: $68

David Greenberger

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $2130

Racheli Herzfeld and Julie Greenspan

Kids of Courage is an incredibly dedicated non profit organization that caters to the needs and accommodations of physically disabled and chronically ill children and young adults, who otherwise wouldn't have opportunities to experience fun and adventure. The chain of events, shabbatons and trips, give optimism deprived people a reason to live.

Goal: $10000 | Raised: $6277.45

Team Lev Strong/ Gross

Im currently battling a brain tumor...together with my mom I'm hoping to complete the miami half marathon & support KOC as they continue to support me. Please help us reach our goal...no amount is to small! Thank you! Team Lev Strong

Goal: $10,000 | Raised: $11574

Isaac Zaccai & Shuee Feinzeig


Goal: $6200 | Raised: $4934

TEAM LIBBY! Judy, Robert (BZ), Danny, Shira & Libby Weiss , Tali Rappaport, Zehava Fulda, Leah Miriam and Rochel Lehrman, and Rabbi Yis and Rivki Jungreis .

Team Libby is led by Libby Weiss, a 16 year old who suffered a serious stroke at the end of March. Libby spent three months in the ICU and the hospital and has been in rehab and therapy programs ever since. When she awoke from her stroke she texted "As I lie here, all I keep on thinking about is how grateful we should be for what we have..

Goal: $50000 | Raised: $61904

Miriam Spiegel & Penina Soibelman

Well folks, finally signed up for marathon 2017!!! May be a drop late but I know we can do this! KOC has taught me that the impossible is possible so here I am doing this for the second year in a row. I will continue fighting and accomplishing and cross that finish line for those who cannot fight any longer.

Goal: $11000 | Raised: $8180.01

Team Rosenberg - Shabse, Esty and Moshe

My name is moshe Rosenberg i was born with cerebral palsy and kids of courge has been there to support me in my challenges. I am hoping to complete the Miami marathon and support kids of courage Please help us reach our goal in support of this amazing organization.Shabse and esty rosenberg

Goal: $10000.00 | Raised: $10000

Malka And Faigie

I kicked epilepsy by getting to finishline kids of courage helped me get to there

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $6354.1

Menasche and Itch Krupka

Hey everyone! Join #TeamKrupka as we take on the Miami Marathon this January in support of Kids of Courage!

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $6500

Alex Wercberger

Goal: $10000.00 | Raised: $5970

Ofek Lalkin

Hey My name is ofek lalkin and i would love to complete the marathon this year in order to help a organization that has giving me back so much! Kids of courage takes kids with disabilities on many incredible summer programs and trips all over the America each summer! KOC is also a jewish program witch provides kosher food and religious needs!

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $3317

Rechama Jaffa

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $4010

Reva Wolf

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $3199.87

Rosie Ovadia

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $2856

Naftali Greenwald and Samuel Soroka

Join Naftali Greenwald and Shmuel Soroka as we run the Miami marathon, to raise money for the amazing kids of courage. No amount is too small, please help us reach the finish line! Thank you, Naftali and Shmuel

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $6854

Toby & Chaim Gross


Goal: $3500 | Raised: $5038

Simon Dadoun

Hey y'all. Let's talk about Kids of Courage, an organization dedicated to fighting illness through fun and adventure. Right now, KOC needs OUR help to ensure they keep helping these brave kids overcome obstacles and beats the odds. So sponsor me in this January's Miami Marathon. Together, we can make a real difference, one mile at a time.

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $3151

Shloimy Gold and Joey Zaccai

Join me and my boy Joey Zaccai and #TeamPlayers as we crush the Miami marathon for the second straight year!

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $2642.55

Shlomo Schreiber

I am running for an amazing cause. Please support me by supporting this organization that makes miracles.

Goal: $5000 | Raised: $5104

Shani Schachter

Thank you for visiting my page! I'm running in memory of my dear relative Tzivia Bas Yehoshua.

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $3260

Tzvi Zazulia

Goal: $5000 | Raised: $3308

Vivian Schneck-Last & Ira Last

I am proud to join TEAM LIBBY in the Race4Courage. Libby, who last year, age 16, had a stroke, has been an inspiration in her strength & spirit. Throughout her 9+ month journey to recovery, Libby has been a ray of sunshine, the quintessential positive force no matter the challenge. Please join me & support Libby & Kids of Courage

Goal: $10000 | Raised: $6188

Yoni and Sarah Ditchek

Goal: $10000 | Raised: $9621

Yosef Simons

Hi everyone! Please join me as I tackle the half marathon in Miami this coming January in support of the incredible organization, Kids of Courage, L'iluy Nishmas my dear brother Ezriel Z'L. Please help me reach my goal, so together we can enable KOC to continue their amazing work. Thanks!

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $4035

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