Hudi Arieh and Reva Wolf #teamhuds

We do it for the Starbucks 😉

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $2143

Tzvi & Shani Binet

The summer of 2017 I was given the amazing opportunity to be part of Kids Of Courage. Ever since than KOC has been like family. Kids Of Courage is an incredible organization; they give children that have a mental/physical illness the opportunity to be truly happy and bring joy to their life. Please help us reach our goal; help Kids Of Courage!

Goal: $6000 | Raised: $1934

Yossi Colman

For the past 7 years I've had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing organization. Our goal is to brighten up the lives of children and young adults who experience a daily struggle as they battle life debilitating illnesses. Please help me reach my goal so that you too can brighten someone's day!

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $1518

Josh Dobkin

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $856

Dovid Egert

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $0

Gayil Fessel

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $1986

Aaron Gold

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $0

Rachel Grossman

Please support me in this amazing endeavor. I am excited about doing another 13.2 miles for a wonderful organization. Jacob had a difficult time medically when he was at KOC this year. Dr. D, Abie and Yoni were perfect in taking care of him. I know that when he is in KOC's care he is happy and safe. Jacob wears a KOC t-shirt every night to bed!

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $36

Noach Haller

Goal: $5000 | Raised: $0

Yisroel and Tova Herman

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $4196.24

Leah Hirsch

I had the opportunity to be apart of Kids Of Courage for 2 years now. K.O.C is an amazing organization that changes lives not only for the campers but for the staff as well.

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $50

Ahuva Kessler

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $0

Eli and Yael Langer

Hi. My name is Eli. My wife's name is Yael. We're running this January in the Miami Marathon for Kids of Courage. I haven't ran in over 10 years, so I'm a little nervous. We're trying to raise $9,999 for Kids of Courage. Can you help? I need a push (pun intended).

Goal: $9999 | Raised: $118

Adena Lebeau

I have taken on this challenge of running a half marathon to support the courageous kids, extraordinary staff, and wonderful KOC organization. I am taking my first steps so that they can keep on flying and reach new heights. Please help me in my efforts to give KOC a chance to soar!

Goal: $5000 | Raised: $0

Yaakov Levine

Hi, I am running the Miami Marathon on the Kids of Courage team. Kids of Courage is an organization that is devoted to helping children with physical disabilities live life to the fullest. Please help me raise money so Kids of Courage can continue providing these children with inclusive (and amazing) experiences of a lifetime.

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $935

Elyse Levine & Mimi Segal

Kids Of Courage is an amazing organization that helps kids and young adults with terminal and chronic illnesses. This is a volunteer based organization that relies solely on donations. There is NEVER a charge for the campers to do the activities such as a one week summer trip, yearly ski trips and other various activity.

Goal: $6200 | Raised: $3769

Mordechai Maxwell

Joining kids of courage, even for one week has given me so much insight into the world that devotes themselves to others. With a loving atmosphere that is almost dreamlike my only wish is that they never stop doing what they do best, bringing courage wherever it is needed.

Goal: $4000 | Raised: $472

Meir Naamat

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $0

Rosie Ovadia

Hi! My name is Rosie and beezrat Hashem I plan to run the Kids of Courage Miami marathon for the second time! Kids of courage is a most incredible organization that enables so many children and adults with various physical disabilities to experience things they never would've imagined. Please support this amazing cause! 🙂 thanks!

Goal: $4000 | Raised: $1248

Yoni Ozeri

Hey I feel like this organization does an amazing job. There's nothing better than helping any and everybody in our nation. I would like to get involved and not just for this program but in future programs as well

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $786

Y Parmett

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $1200

Batsheva Polishuk

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $300

Sara & Dovi Porush #TEAMDOVI

Here we go again! Yet again, Dovi and I are honored to be raising funds for Kids of Courage by participating in a marathon this winter. Our goal is $7,000, please help us get there! No amount is too small!

Goal: $7000 | Raised: $5866

Josh Seidemann

There are not enough words to describe what KOC means to its campers and their families. KOC is a beacon that inspires all who have the joy and privilege of encountering and being embraced by it. Please join me in supporting this wonderful, thoughtful and creative organization.

Goal: $6000 | Raised: $5150

Team Solomon

The Solomon family had the privilege to join KOC for this summers trip with all family members working on the trip. Being part of the KOC family has made a deep impression on us and we look forward to joining the KOC family in sunny Miami this winter. Please help support this awesome organization and watch us lose a few pounds in the process :)

Goal: $20000 | Raised: $3870.7

Team Spira

Kids of Courage has enriched the lives of our entire family and helps us to appreciate our blessings. Now we have an opportunity to give back and help create smiles for some of the worlds most courageous individuals. Please sponsor us and help us reach our goal.

Goal: $6000 | Raised: $1436

Dayna and Denise Stropkay #TeamDayna

My name is Dayna and I ran my first Race for Courage in Miami 3 years ago. I convinced my mom as I have done all my life to join me across the finish line. You see the doctors told us when I was young I had a rare disability however our brains and heart processed those words to mean rare ABILITY and we have followed that instinct ever since.

Goal: $6000 | Raised: $2738

Logistics Team

Team Members: Moshe Schonfeld, Yitzy Groner, Sheya Belsky, Sammy Gertner, Simcha Rechnitz, Shua Klagsbrun, Moishe Krengel, Avi Schwartzblatt, Aryeh Edell, Eli Lasker, Tzvi Zazulia

Goal: $50000 | Raised: $16845.08

Sruli Tennenbaum

I have had the privilege to be part of the K.O.C (kids of courage) family for the past 4 years. The amount of love that is spread throughout this organization is incredible. My main goal is to bring as much happiness as i possibly can to make each individual feel how special they are. Please help me reach my goal and be able continue giving back!

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $260

Malka & Ana Tomsky

Hi!My name is Malka,my mom Ana hope to run in Miami. I have had the privilege of being with Kids of Courage for 6 summers,3 snow trip,5 superbowl parties many other events that have given me hope,happiness and more love.This will be my 4th time running and raising for courage These trips and shabbatons help me.

Goal: $6000 | Raised: $3219

Julie Zakaria

Goal: $3500 | Raised: $278

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