Malka & Ana Tomsky

Malka & Ana Tomsky

Short Introduction

Hi!My name is Malka,my mom Ana hope to run in Miami. I have had the privilege of being with Kids of Courage for 6 summers,3 snow trip,5 superbowl parties many other events that have given me hope,happiness and more love.This will be my 4th time running and raising for courage These trips and shabbatons help me.

Fundraising Goal:

Raised to date:

About Me

Kids of Courage and the people there taught me to challenge & stand up for myself.I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 7yrs I learned it is a gift that I never would have become who I am and who my real family is with all my struggles including a recent surgery I learned who my real friends are.4 years ago when the opportunity to give back to this amazing organization came about through running Race for Courage in Miami I ran couldn't finish my first 1/2 marathon but they made me feel like I won anyway even though after a few miles I seized on the road.That full yr I was so sad I couldn't finish I ran across that finish line with a friend Faygie in the pouring rain and 4hrs we crossed the finish line with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart.Last year I traveled to AZ where I did it again.This year we will go back to where it all began in FL.I have been in 28 hospitals in the USA I am on 18 diff meds. KOC made me strong and happy! I hope we can take hands and cross line together!


Gabriel Cymbalista - $30
Give Vin Diesel a run for his Lamborghini! ;)

Uncle Tzvi & Aunt Bryna - $25.00
Hashem loves people who try, so you're a champ in His book -- and ours too!

shana - $55

sara FRIEDMAN - $10.00
Wishing you a successful run!! You rock!

Talia Gabriella Weingarten - $50

Anonymous - $18

Anonymous - $50

Eli and Shani Fenyes - $36

Michael Wollman - $150
Run Malka Run!!!

E Hoffman - $36
Inspiring determination - wishing you the best!

Bracha Abirian - $30
Good luck!!

Aryeh - $180
Good luck!

Bari Mitzmann - $10

Anonymous - $21

Shelby Mandel - $100.00
Good luck Malka! So proud and extremely inspired by you! You are amazing!!

David K - $100
Keep on keeping on...

Bruce Bernfeld - $18
You Go Gurl!

Benny Biren - $18
Good Luck!!!!!

Ilona S - $20
Good luck Malka🖖🏼

Cousin Tali - $50
Sending my love!

paula baron - $20

Anonymous - $18
Keep on being you!

Moshe Rosenbaum - $18
Good luck Malka!

Elicia Bessaleli - $56
So incredibly proud of you Malka!! Best running mates ever!!

Anonymous - $100.00

Leah Stone - $10.00
Good luck!

Ary Neusatdt - $36
Good luck to both you and your mom. And stay strong.

Anonymous - $40

Shlomo Trop - $10
Good luck!

Danielle Lowinger - $18.00
So proud of you girl!

Schapiro Family - $70
Malka you are amazing! Good Luck!

Bella Rubin - $36
Good luck Malka! You go girl!

Anonymous - $50

Ziona - $36
B'hatzlacha Malka!!

Yontan gray - $18
Go Malka!

Shari - $36
Good luck!

Carmi Kaye - $36.00
Good luck Malka!

Zahava Moskowitz - $50.00
Keep up the good work Malka!!

Tova Hecht - $54

Elena saffern - $50
Good luck you’re doing a great thing

Hannah siegel - $18
Couldn’t be prouder Malka! Run hard and know that we all are so proud of you! Tizku l mitzvot!

shlomo farkas - $18

Shuee Feinzeig - $25
Good Luck!!!

Irina - $100.00
Good luck!!! Go girl!!!

Anonymous - $50

Lenora Ashkenazie - $26
Good luck!!!!

Melanie Solomon - $25.00
Good luck!!! You got this girl! 😊

Dina H - $18
If anyone can do it Malka its you. You should be matzliach. Love you

Anonymous - $54

Chaya Nachum - $10

Dave - $10
Good luck on your race!!!

Deutsch Family - $52
Good Luck. You are AWESOME!!!!!

Anonymous - $25

Anonymous - $50

Anonymous - $36

Anonymous - $54

Richard Yudkiss - $15
You're such an inspiration Malka, good luck!! ❤️

Rabbi Benhamu - $52

Anonymous - $10

Aunt Nechama, Uncle Steven and Gavriel - $100.
Good luck guys! Have fun on your run! We love you!

Gale Levin - $36
Good luck

Choni - $20.00
You got this girl!

Anonomous - $180

Health services - $10
Good luck

Jake Kamensky - $25
Good luck Malka!! Your gonna kill it!

Ari Davidovics - $50
Best of have a good shabbos

Anonymous - $36

Anonymous - $50

Anonymous - $76

Anonymous - $36

S Abramowitz - $50
Wishing u the best. Keep up the great work

shana - $36
love you malka! best of luck always

Devorah Profesorske - $54
Good luck Malka!

Anonymous - $25

Shloimy Gold - $18

Anonymous - $18

Anonymous - $10.00
Good Luck!!!

Anonymous - $18
Go malka!!!! We did it last year, can't wait to see you do it again this year 💪🏼🥇

Boaz and Rachel Tomsky - $100.00
Looking forward to running the Miami Marathon and can't wait to see you cross the finish line. Remember the words of a great runner, it happens. Have a nice day!

Mich - $36.00
Good Luck Malka!!

Rachel Podrigal - $36.00
Your story is so inspiring! Continue being great! Good luck on your next race!

Lauren Cartelli - $10.00

Yelena - $36
Good luck!

Dina's Dad - $54
Best of Luck.

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