Logistics Team

Logistics Team

Short Introduction

Team Members: Moshe Schonfeld, Yitzy Groner, Sheya Belsky, Sammy Gertner, Simcha Rechnitz, Shua Klagsbrun, Moishe Krengel, Avi Schwartzblatt, Aryeh Edell, Eli Lasker, Tzvi Zazulia

Fundraising Goal:

Raised to date:

About Me

Members of the Kids of Courage Logistics Team are gearing up to participate in the Miami Marathon TOGETHER! This team, which helps make each adventure run super smoothly, is back at it....this time in Miami Beach this January! Help this amazing team help Kids of Courage’s amazing children.When donating, please note in the Message field which person (or bus number) you're donating in honor of. That'll allow them to thank you and keep track of the funds they've raised. Thanks!


michael ryback - $36
In honor of Moshe Krengel Tzippora ,Shmaryahu & Abie Ryback

hudi arieh - $18
in honor of bus 1

Sara Miriam Kaplan - $100.00
Thank you logistics for everything you do to make it work!

Jonathan Raul - $100.00

Anonymous - $100

Phil Carp - $360
Good Luck

Shmuel Friedman - $18

Yermie Braun - $25.00
In honor of C-HVAC Service coordinator - F235 Moshe Schonfeld.

F121 - $52.00
In honor of logistics 1 my Moshei

Victor - $36.00
Good work!

B235 - $100.00
Keep on doing great stuff

David Sirkis - $100

David Dembitzer - $500.00
In honor of F235 Moshe Schonfeld keep up your Good work! Rightway cleaning & Restoration David & Motty

In honor of scene commanders F235 and RD49 and WS15!

SAM lax - $50.00

The Olive Tree Investment Group LLC - $1000.00
In honor of the one and only Tzvi Zazulia, the HMFIC Moshe Schonfeld, and all the rest of the amazing crew........ Effy Z. & Shimmy V.

Chaim Jacobowitz - $180
You got this Aryeh !!!

Nathan from Bevel Payment Solutions - $80
Moshe you better run

Lenny salama - $101
Good Luck!!

Mermelstein - $50
Go Kranky!!!!!!!!

pinny isaac - $25
in honor of moshe schonfeld, yitzy groner and aryeh edell!!!!

David F57 - $50.00
Moshe- We're rooting for you!

Yair STERN - $180
In honor Moshe Schonfeld and the whole team for all their hard work

In honor of all the logistics guys, the backbone of KOC.

Yakov Aszknazy - $50
Run Moshe Schonfeld

Paul F - $360
Moshe Schonfeld--You're the best!

Anonymous - $500.00
In honor of moish and his love for chunks

yitzy - $180.00

Usher Egert - $180.00

shragi Goldstein - $52.00
in honor of Moish Schonefeld, Yitsi Groner and Eli Lasker

Leizer Gewirtzman - $180.00

anonymous - $360
In honor of Eli Lasker

Aharon Kaplan - $1000.00
Moishe! Keep up the great work - Issac Weiss & Aharon Kaplan QFS/GSS

menachem krausz - $100.00

Choni - $36.00
Thanks Zazu for all you do!

Anonymous - $100
Good luck Moshe

Aharon Guttman - $100
I am privileged to see a small amount of the work that this team does on every kids of courage adventure. Words cannot describe the amount of time and energy this team puts into these trips enabling the kids to enjoy. While I’ve seen every member of this team sweating away working hard to assist Couragers I can’t exactly say I picture all them to be marathon runners. However I am not a bit surprised that they’ve taken on a project to try and help out once again

Sholom Becher - $36.00
Eli Lasker keep making us proud!!


NCE Homecare - $100
Good luck keep up the great work!

Meir and Sheva - $180
Good luck!

Eli - $500.00

Benjie and Sara Porush - $18
In honor of the entire logistics team, especially the one who transports exploding shampoo bottles with a smile! Can’t wait to run with you all in Miami!

Hatzolah of Flatbush - $188.00
From your friends

F216 - $216.00

Leebs and Esther - $20.00
I’m honer of AL Best bro in law ever!

Joel Greenfield - $360.00
Moshe Schonfeld keep up your great work!!!

sz - $250

Aron Dovid Kail - $51
In honor of Moishe ( RL 55 son, RL-S0) Krengel. Go gvelt Dwveels. Ohhhh that’s a problem

Benyamin Feit - $50.00
Hatzlacha Moshe on this wonderful endeavor and keep on doing great things!!

Chaim Zidele - $54
In honor of Moish and Yitzy Groner

Sruli Schonfeld - $200
In honor of awesome KOC Logistics Crew. Good luck with the run! Keep up the amazing work you do!

RK - $100.
Keep up the great work Sara Miriam!

Royal Builders - $500.00
Good luck Tzvi Z., and the rest of the crew!

Zevy Beylus - $200.00

boruch nojo - $1000
in honor of the one and only zazu...

Chaim Welz - $235.08
In honor of ZAZU amd Eli

Zehava Sober - $50
Thanks for an amazing trip in Vegas!! You guys are awesome!!

Shimmy Stern - $100.00
In honor of my C Coordinator F235 Moshe Schonfeld. Keep up your good work!

Jack Kaplan - $18
In Honor of Moshe Schoenfeld

Tzvi kassover - $100.00
In honor of Tzvi and Moshe. If you don’t run it doesn’t count.

Stephanie Abramowitz - $180
you guys, do such great work and now you are finally not behind the scenes, keep up the great work

M33 - $100
In honor of moshe shonfeld , Sheya and Sammy!!!

Yossi Ackerman - $25.00

Shloimy Gold - $18
Thanks for the food SM!

Anonymous - $360
In honor of Sammy Gertner and all the good work he does at home and away. Refuah Shlayma Esther bas Leah Refuah Shlayma Chaim Henoch Ben Malka

K49 - $180
IHO: RD49, WS15, F235, RLS6, CS9 Keep up the good work!

D34 - $500
Good Luck!

Platinum Construction Group - $360.00
In Honor of Moshe Schoenfeld.

Devorah, Miriam, Tzippy & Baila - $600
In honor of our awesome brother, Tzvi! Keep up the great work.

Mindy - $180.00
In honor of Avi Schwartzblatt

Anonymous - $100.00

Gavriel and Rachelli Tennenberg - $100
Good Luck Avi!! If you win I’ll get you some jerky from an SLS Shalom Zachor!

Heidi Terebelo - $15

To the best team out there thnx for always supporting the drama 🖤

Rob and Esty - $180
In honor of Avi Schwartzblatt. A guy who knows how to get things done!

LNCC - $500
In honor of Isaac Groner! Good luck from your pals at Little Neck.

Avi Klein - $18
In honor of Avi Schwartzblatt, from your coolest cousin also named Avi.

Glatt A LaCarte - $100
Good Luck

Anonymous - $18

Sendy From KCD - $36
Go Tzvi!! You da man!!

Mordechai and Ruchama - $18
In honor of Sara Miriam who is always an inspiration to us

Zvi Pitterman - $50.00
In honor of Moshe Schonfeld

Chaim Eichler - $200
For Tzvi Z

Joe Eisenberger - $600
In honor of Josh Belsky

Plumb Pro Plumbing & Heating Corp. - $300
In honor of Josh Belsky RL-S6 Go Josh Go!!

NA SEWER & DRAIN CLEANING 516 986 8516 - $150.00
In honor of JOSH BELSKY

Hoodsie - $50
Eli Lasker!

Srully Ickowics - $36.00
In honor of Eli Lasker. Keep up the great work !

Gavriel Brun - $75
Good luck Eli!

Mordechai & Nechama Geller - $50

Icky - $75.00
In honor of sheya belsky- jeep 6 / Eli lasker , moshe schonfeld, yitzy groner , rd-49

Sholom Lasker - $100
Good luck to Eli Lasker and team!

Anonymous - $100.00


Anonymous - $150.00

Yossi - $360.00
IHO Moshe Schonfeld

Yitzchak Friedman - $100
Eli Lasker

Julian Lustig - $250.00
In honor of Avi Schwartzblatt. Best of luck to all the runners.

Leor Hanan - $101.00
In honor of Moshe Schonfeld and the entire logistics team. Keep up the amazing work you do!!

Abie Abraham - $100
In honor of all the hard work that every single oe of you do to help make these amazing trips run as smoothly as they do. Good luck!!

Shlomie Urbach - $15.00
In honor of AL Edell! #MunkMaintenance

Anonymous - $100.00
For al edell

David Fruchthandler - $500
Good luck Moish. Love you bro:)

Cipora gejerman - $100
Donated in honer of Aryeh Lieb Edell !!!

Anonymous - $200

Premier One Realty - $280
Moshe Krengel keep up the great work.

Dani Keradnam - $52.00
In honor of Moshe Schonfeld and the entire logistics team. Keep up the amazing work you do!!

Ben Dover - $36

David Koppel - $18
In honor of Zevi Lasker and Moshe Schonfeld

Moshe Wulliger - $36.00
Stay out of trouble

Moshe Wulliger - $36.00
235 that goes for you too

Moshe Josephy - $180.00

Menachem Hartman - $30
In honor of F-235amd Ravi zazulia....not RD-49. @moishe Maybe this can help you decide......😏

Menachem hartman - $30
In honor of scene command RD-49. RD TRUCK 2 BACK HOME!

Anonymous - $10.92

From the friend @235 - $49.00
In honor of the friend who never comes over to say hi, but would like me to do so.

Avrohom Teitelbaum - $100.00

Anonymous - $36
In honor of Moshe Schonfeld

Ben Lasker - $18

Anonymous - $18.00
In honor of Yitzy Groner Cs9

Yisroel Schachter - $180.00
In honor of Yitzy Groner Keep up the great work!

Gersten Family - $54.00
For all KOC and logistics team has given our family. Yasher Koach!

Ari Donowitz - $36
In Honor of Yitzi Groner. Keep up the good work!!!

Daniel Wolfson - $100.00
Sheya Belsky

SMS - $500.00
In honor of moshe schonfeld

Anonymous - $50
In honor of yitzy Groner

Anonymous - $500.00

Ahuva Hirtz - $100.00
To the best logistics team in the world!!! #TYFYS

Yudi Gross - $10
In honor of my fellow RL Service Units S-0 and S-6

abraham schuster - $172.
For Mosihe Krengel for being an amazing person who always does for others and Lzecher Nishmas Tzvi Nochum ben Yitzchok Chaim.

Seidemann Family - $100
Thank you for all of your terrific work. Simcha R, we're rooting for you!

Grandma - $30
Good Luck Tzvi!!

Yoni & Sarah Ditchek - $101
In honor of Rabbi Schonfeld and crew.

Yitzy Biderman - $54
For Avi Schwartzblatt

SIA Inspections - $360
Way to go Moshe

Elchonon Shoob - $23.50
Thank you Mosh for everything that you do ! #towtruck

Sruly - $200
Good luck yitzy

Shmuel&Estie Zazulia - $250.00
In honor of our dear Tzvi! Keep up the good work!!

Sruly Hayum - $200.00
In honor of Moshe Schonfeld

Menachem Friedman (and Uncle BarryL - $180
In Honor of the best God Father ever, Sammy Gertner. For all the good things he does l, always has boots on the ground.

Joe S and David Krengel - $250.00
Moish Yd wood floors

K71 - $360.00
In honor of RD49

K71 - $180.00
In honor of RL6 to 706

Aryeh Leib Edell - $100
Aryeh Leib Edell

Steven lasker - $1350
To Eli Lasker

yehoshua kesherim /The DICTATOR/ca$h money - $250
To Eli Lasker and zazu

Anonymous - $200

The Designers Group - $150
Good luck Tzvi!!

Yaakov Mo & Chanie Miller - $150.00
In honor of Moshe Schonfeld F235, Aryeh Edell RD49, Tzvi Zazu

Meir and Alisa Krengel - $360
In honor of Moishe Krengel, Team Spira, Howie Kafka, and AM Guttman and all the other HVAC members (and of course, Naftali Solomon) for their dedication to KOC

david herzka - $250

Mindy S. - $360.00
In honor of Avi Schwartzblat

Ayala - $75
Good luck!

Yehuda and Dina Schonfeld - $500
In honor of an incredible team! Simcha Rechnitz, Tzvi Zazulia and the incredible Moshe along with everyone else. You guys are truly amazing!!!

yehuda abraham - $500
For the Boys, please send pics...

Anonymous - $201

The former D33 - $50
In honor of Moshe Schonfeld

Mordy Siegel - $50
In honor of the highly capable logistics team leader and Life Saver Moshe Schonfeld!!

Chilly fastag - $120
In honor of Aryeh Edell

Sholom Wasserlauf - $50
In honor of Eli Lasker. Keep up the good work! L’chaim!

KLI - $250.00
Keep up the good work Sammy Gertner !!!!

Winnie the Pooh - $360
For shua I’ll always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been. In this case maybe you should run!

256 - $72

Moshe Stareshefsky - $18.00
In honor of Moshe Schonfeld and the Logistics team

Nechama Riede - $100
In honor of Sara Miriam Kaplan

Chaim Tuchinsky - $35
Go F235! From Centers Urgent Care!

Nachum Greenberg - $36
@Moishe Krengel, So proud! Keep up your hard work in all areas!

Trimworx - $100
Attn: Tzvi (ZAZU) Zazulia

Anonymous - $50

Cheryl Friedman - $72.00
Moishe Krengel thank you for your friendship, support and for just being in the right place st the right time. Good luck and have a great time. This is an amazing mitzvah! The Friedman Fam

Zvi Silver - $100.00
Go Moshe!

Chanie Spiegel - $54.00
Good Luck Yitzy!!!! We will be cheering you on from New York!!

Toby G - $54

Savecom Telecom - $180.00
In the honor of F235 Moshe Schonfeld.

Protel Voice Data Security Corp. - $360.
In the honor of Moshe Schonfeld

hillel siegel - $50
good stuff

Bus 2 - $360
Bus 2 (Avi) > Bus 1

Anonymous - $50
In honor of yitzy Groner

Avi Fishoff - $100.00
In honor of the amazing Zev Lasker!

Dan - $18
Go eliii!! on behalf of the maxwell aa chat!!

Cooper - $180.00

mg - $180
Run, Sammy. Run!

Leviim Judaica Art Gallery - $18
In honor of Sammy Gertner the legend.

Captain Buzzkill - $250.00
Go Hello Kitty!

Yitzie Pretter - $180.00
In honor of Ari Edell. Keep up you great work.

Barry ciment - $100
In honor of zevi lasker

YTB - $18
In honor of the reckless guy in pic, but couldn't get his name on the list.

Steven lasker - $600
Go Eli

Chaim T - $300
Good luck yitzy

Anonymous - $20.00

Samuel Gertner - $214
To a team that goes above and beyond . Thank You

Yisroel Schonfeld - $235.49
In honor of Yitzi Groner and RD49

Menachem Kovitz - $100.00
Play hard work harder @moshekrengle

Tzvi Katz - $100.00
In honor of Moshe Schonfeld

Chaim Fromer - $10
Keep up the good work Boruch Nojowitz!

Naomi Levine - $54
Good luck!

Esther Moskowitz - $50.00
To the best logistics ever!

Rachel weis - $50.00
Good luck tzvi, love aunt rachel

Anonymous - $200.00

Support - $100.00
Thanks for everything you do for KOC Couragers and staff!

Eli - $400

Anonymous - $500.00
For tzvi zazulia

Anonymous - $360

Grandma and Grandpa K and Grandma Frada - $100
In honor of Moses K.

FBE - $500

Ari and Hudis Dobkin - $1800

Eliezer and Deborah Kaplan - $75
In honor of Sara Miriam

Rose M Ficarrotta - $100
In honor of Sara Kaplan

Shmuel and Rena Kaplan - $50
In honor of Sara Miriam

Chaim and Chedva Tessler - $360
In honor of Moshe Schonfeld

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