Dayna and Denise Stropkay #TeamDayna

Dayna and Denise Stropkay #TeamDayna

Short Introduction

My name is Dayna and I ran my first Race for Courage in Miami 3 years ago. I convinced my mom as I have done all my life to join me across the finish line. You see the doctors told us when I was young I had a rare disability however our brains and heart processed those words to mean rare ABILITY and we have followed that instinct ever since.

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About Me

Kids of Courage gave me the ability to dip deep inside of myself, to accomplish goals others may have thought were too far out of my reach. So 4 years ago when the opportunity to give back to this amazing organization came about through running Race for Courage in Miami I ran my first half marathon. 1 year later I convinced my non athletic mom to cross that finish line with me as she has done throughout my life. In the pouring rain and cold, after many hours we crossed the finish line. Last year we traveled to Phoenix where we did it again. This year we will go back to where it all began in Miami. This year we carry in our hearts the special people we have encountered in countless waiting rooms recently. Each fighting to survive yet another day, another month, another year. Withstanding chemo, radiation, surgery, still able to smile. Their determination, their inner strength, their willingness to endure all just to be a part of this beautiful world.


Nicholas Prevete - $50
Good luck !!!

Gabriel Cymbalista - $30
Race like there snow tomorrow Dayna! ;) You got this, you always have, and always will! :)

Anonymous - $150

Dayna Stropkay - $18.00
cashing in our pennies each week to get our to the finish line

Michael Wollman - $150
You ladies can do this. We all believe in Dayna and Denise

Bari Mitzmann - $10

Joan Da Corta - $50.00
Dear Dayna & Denise Have a great race, God Bless

RPB - $25
Continue to stay strong, you got this!

Nancy mcConnin - $100.00
The worl needs more people like you all the best to you

Cheryl Meeker - $200.00
Go Dayna! Love, Cousin Cheryl and Family

Anonymous - $100

Gwen - $36.00
Good luck Dayna and Denise !! ❤️❤️

Fara - $50.00
#TeamDayna! Much love to you Xo

Enid Schey - $36
You ladies are an inspiration. You go girls!

You inspire all of us Dayna and Denise! Wishing you speed and strength! XOXOXO

Deirdre Higgins - $20
Dayna-- Wish I could give more but living on unemployment and Airbnb now. Next year hoping to give more. Good luck! xo

Eli H - $25
Wishing you all the best! :)

Richard & Betsy Staples - $100
Whether skiing or running, you're the best!

Anon - $180.00
Dayna Girl, You better take those pictures like we spoke about ;)

Anonymous - $50.00
Good luck Dayna and Denise! You are so inspiring!!

Elicia Bessaleli - $18
So proud of you!!!!! <3

Maria Gullo - $25
Good luck, Dayna!! You got this!!!!!!

Sam Mattone - $50
Good Luck!!

Shuee Feinzeig - $25
Good luck!!!

Kaila Kelman - $36.00

Lisa Margaritis - $30
Best of Luck! You got this!

Anonymous - $20

Anonymous - $200
Wishing you a great race with your daughter !

Gitty Gordon - $36
Good luck Dayna!! Sending my love 💜

Anonymous - $20.00
Good luck!

shari siegler - $25.00
Go girls!!!

Danny - $25.00
Good luck and Have fun!! 🦁👍🏽👍🏽

C J - $18
In honor of RV

Choni - $20.00
Your strength and determination are inspirational! Were rooting for you.

Mel Ronnie - $50
Good luck!! xx

Danielle and Eddie Lowinger - $180.00
Dayna and Denise, we are so proud of you! Enjoy the race!! It was great hanging out with you last time!! We wish you all the best!!!

Rebecca Vatch - $86

Malka Tomsky - $100
Day and mommy stropkay i love you guys ur both insparations and i am excited to run or walk or push or crawl with u beauty queens #sisters forever

Loni Menche - $18.oo
Good luck Dayna!! Thanks for always being an inspiration

Meghan Sasser - $40.00
You got this Dayna! Sending all my love!

Bella Rubin - $25
Dayna, You inspire all of us! Have fun! 💗

Jeremy and Melissa Klein - $54
Go Dayna and Dayna’s Mom! We’re rooting for you!

Cheryl Meeker - $200.00
Hi Dayna, please don't lose hope. I so admire your drive along with your mom! My prayers are with your dad. My brother, Bob, is also praying for him. It has been rewarding for me to reconnect with my cousin, Bill. Growing up we always had a good cousinship. I am enjoying getting to know my new cousins. My thought is if the people who donated already re-donate (like I have just done) that could get you closer to the goal. Love, Cousin Cheryl and Family.

Susan McCormack - $10
Good luck!

Meghan Sasser - $75.00
Cheering for you!!

Rikki V’s mom! - $72.00
Best of luck Dayna!!!

Ron & Nid - $36.00
Happy Birthday

You inspire all of us, Dayna and Denise! Thanks for showing us true strength and determination. So much love for the both of you.

Karin George - $50.00
Wonderful duo - have a great race!

Yossi Colman - $200
Happy Birthday Dayna! Keep putting smiles on the faces of those around you and inspiring others to do the impossible!

Ryan Makely - $100.00
Go get em!

Tziona - $150
Good Luck!! Have a Blast!!!

Esther Snyder - $36
Go Dayna!!! You ladies rock!

Trishia - $54.00
Sending Love & Grace to the 2 shining lights that make this world a better place! Go gettem girls!💕

Benjamin Korn - $36
Wishing you all the best! :) See y'all at the marathon!

shira - $50
Looking forward to racing with you and your mom G-d willing.

M.K. - $64.00
Go Dayna and Denise. You two are unstoppable!!! Only 2,000 to goal!! You GOT this!!! Can't wait to see you cross that finish line! Hear me cheering all the way from Brooklyn ?? Go team Stropkay go!

Anonymous - $150

Anonymous - $36.00

Alyssa - $35
Good luck, Dayna!!!

Jerry D’Aversa - $20.00
Good luck!

sidnyc_1 - $20
Your strength is impeccable and my wishes are always with you.

Neil Sedgwick - $100.00
Good luck and wishing you all the best at the finish line 🙌🏻

Anonymous - $10.00
Good Luck with reaching your goal!!!

LIMANI TEAM - $300.00
Good luck!!!!!

Fran from Lifetime - $20.00
Fran who we met at Athletica in Manhasset.....

Batya Bogo - $50
You're an inspiration!!!!

Lisa Margaritis - $75.00
Have an awesome time! Love your beautiful soul and amazing mom!

Ariana and Jon - $13.10
“I run because I can. When I get tired, I remember those who can’t run, what they would give to have this simple gift I take for granted, and I run harder for them. I know they would do the same for me.” You got this!!

Theresa & Jason - $50.00
Good luck!

Christina Rowland - $300
We are cheering you on! Xoxo, Christina Rowland & Madeline Dolente

Rose Gonzales - $300
Hi Dayna, I admire and your drive and passion and cherish our friendship. I wish only the best for you. xo, Rose

Debbie - $471.00
Continue inspiring all of us!

Avrahum Karp and Stephanie Rosenberg - $136

Beth - $25

Amy Jo Mazur-Liberman - $125

Dovid and Eliana Schwartz - $50

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