Team Solomon

Team Solomon

Short Introduction

The Solomon family had the privilege to join KOC for this summers trip with all family members working on the trip. Being part of the KOC family has made a deep impression on us and we look forward to joining the KOC family in sunny Miami this winter. Please help support this awesome organization and watch us lose a few pounds in the process :)

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Raised to date:

About Me


Shaya Rubin - $250.00
u are a true inspiration for our community!! looking forward to running with u.

neal frohlich - $36
in honor of my sister Caryn Buchnik

Sruli & the HSI Team - $500.00
Naftali, We know what it means to receive your personal attention and care as clients. We are happy that the brave Kids of Courage have you as a friend. May you always be able to shower your love on us all.

Moshe Wolcowitz - $50

Robi and Chani Hofstatter - $100
הצלחה רבה!!!

Yaakov Shapiro - $18
In honor of Naftali Solomon, Johnny Caban, and the whole 718-INSURANCE team!

Eitan Rubin - $1000
A good person, a better friend and an even better yid.

Tsippy - $56

olga fallas - $100
In honor of Naftali Solomon & 718 Insurance

MH - $36
Love yah!!

Anonymous - $100

Eli Langer - $20
Go Marilyn Monroe!

Adiel & Esther Lejbovitz - $54
in honor of the newborn grandson!

Anonymous - $180

Tova solomon - $75.00
Go Team Solomon!!!!!!

Rapfogel Family - $100
Yasher Koach to the Solomon Family for their incredible Chesed and devotion to klal Yisroel.

Racheli Mansour - $108
Good Luck!!!

Anonymous - $150.00
In honor of the greatest younger brother and sister (in law) and their awesome Kids and grandkids and their priority and ❤️ for doing unlimited Chesed!!!

The Grehers - $180
We give our applause, As u run for this cause, Teaming challenge with chessed, May u always be blessed! We root #teamsolomon

Eli and Esty (bff for 6 yrs) Flaum - $36
Good luck to my fav fam!! ❤️

Yosef Oldak - $100
I would pay anything to see Naftali run. Good luck

Anonymous - $24

Philip Morris - $75
I hope you smoke the other teams out!

Anonymous - $24

Anonymous - $2050
Go team Solomon!!!!!!

Linoy :) - $46.70
Hatzlacha Raba!!!

Yocheved Deena Sandel - $36.00
I AM SO PROUD!!!!! Does this mean you'll sponsor me now in my run for yachad? ;P LOVE YOU GUYS!

Grandma and Papa - $50.00
In honor of Yakira

Linda De Francesco - $25
Inspiring !

Jake Walden - $360

Joseph Kanner - $145.45
Naftali, That there is room in your heart for so many worthwhile causes it’s truly inspirational. Tizku Lmitzvos

Katz family - $54
Naftali you are an inspiration to all of us

Aliza & AC Malek - $180
Good luck Naftali, a great friend and a leader in chesed.

Michael Bokow - $72.00

isaac mayer - $100

Temima Feldman - $36
Thank you for all you do for the community and beyond.

Pinch Rekant - $36
In honor of lil baby חיים מאיר and the most kosher couple in EY😉.

Mendy and Feige - $180.00

Avrohom & Miriam Hammer - $200.00
Thank you for running instead of us!

Zvi & Faygie Bokow - $100.00
Go! Bokolomons Go!

Yidel & Naomi Zweig - $100.00
Best of Luck!! Go Team Solomon!!!

Cheryl Friedman - $36.00
Knock yourselves out! Hashem should continue to give you all the strength to keep running to do Chesed! You guys are great. Thanks for all the coffee and donuts! The Friedman Fam

Baby Meir Hofstatter - $100.00
In Honor of Bubby and Zaidy Solomon, Run Zaidy Run!!!!!! We love you!!!!!

Zundel Berman - $136
Good luck!!!

Ira Fortgang - $108

Peltz Brothers Electric Co. - $54
Keep inspiring us!!!

the Shulman Family - $54
it takes "COURAGE" for a middle aged man to run!!!! we are rooting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Botwinick - $180
Keep up the great work that you do for the Klal. You are true inspiration!!!!

Mark Mermelstein - $180.00

Chaim & Rachel Lazar - $180.00
Keep up the great work and let your family be very proud of you

Tzvi and Chavi Koplowitz - $100
Go team Solomon! Best of luck!

Caryn Buchnik - $101
Let's see how you feel after the race! Good Luck!

Yuda Holtzberg - $180
Naftaly for as long as I know you you are always looking for another chesed opportunity. Hashem will give you the koach to always do so.

the rabbi's daughter :) - $18.00
even though you give daddy too much meat on his plate each summer, i'll still support any team you are on!! hatzlacha on the race and just know - the effort alone already deems you a winner.

Go Team 718 Insurance!!!

Adam Kay - $180.00
In honor of the Solomon family the best friends in the whole wide world & Team 718 Insurance the best insurance brokers in the entire universe! The Solomon family is there for us 24/7 and I could survive without them. Naftali is my best friend & I could never tell you enough, I LOVE YOU NAFTALI!! I ADAM, LOVE YOU NAFTALI!! If feels good to get this off my chest in public. Ahhhhhhh I feel better.

Shlomo Small - $18
behind you all the way (sitting drinking coffee)

Tyler Henry - $250
Naftali - Go get em! You're an inspiration!

Daniel Pearlman - $36
To a great friend who will always go out of his way to help someone. Good Luck

Yaakov Kranz - $50
Hatzlacha in all your endeavours!

Baruch Rabinowitz - $100.00

Ed Klar - $100
Yasher koach

Ari Schreier - $180.00
Hatzlacha in your Uber rides

Phil Goldfeder - $180

F. Malinowitz - $50
In honor of Naftali Solomon

Anonymous - $100.00

Eli S Katz - $36

Lisa Pacillo - $100
What an inspiration

MerchPay - $100
Naftali keep up your great work for the klal.

Miriam & Tuvia Silverstein - $180

Rivka Lock - $100
In zchus Refuah shelema for Leib ber Yaakov Ben Chana and Refuah shelema for a 13 year old with a brain aneurysm Yisroel Meir Ben Daphne bruria

Yocheved Dahan - $180
Good Luck Naftali! We love kids of Courage, we are so excited to join in your adventures.

David & Simi Greenbaum - $360.00

Moti Hellman - $100
Go get em!

Anonymous - $100

Binyomin and Shima cooper - $50

Tova Solomon - $25
Keep it up!

Rabbi Pimple Tinkletocker - $10.45
Haven’t seen you in 100 years, Naftali! I hope you win!

Michael and Mimi Fragin - $36

Josh Singer - $18
Hatzlacha Raba Naftali !!!

Chaim Bess - $100
To the best broker in the world

Shim - $100.00
Good Luck. תזכו למצות

Avrumi Goldfeder - $100

Anonymous - $318

Shlomo Reich - $180
Naftali, you’re a tzaddik yesod olam. Gevalt.

April Estrada - $50.00
Good Luck 718 Team!!! I'm proud to call you friends.

Suri and BB Bender - $72
Keep up the holy work for this amazing organization.

Aviva Small - $50.00
we are rooting for you. go in peace and come in peace

Mordechai Groner - $100
Naftali you are an inspiration to many. Thank you for your constant Chizuk and support

Daniel Sklarin Trading - $180.00
to the solomon family - best of luck in the race on sunday - you are all an inspiration to anyone who knows you - continue to be the most wonderful , sincere, loving and good hearted people that you are - love you - the sklarin family

Aharon Guttman - $45.45
In honor of RL45 ty for covering all those middel of the night emergency calls in our area!!!!!

Yechezkel Klein - $180

Anonymous - $518

Mark Kupfer - $18.00
Much success!

Isaac Mayer - $36

Ileana Goldwasser - $18
In honor of my grandchildren and great grandchildren. May Hashem keep them healthy. May we always say thank you

Shalom Vegh - $100

Mayer Brander - $100

Ally Love - $180.00
was great seeing you at the game!

The Sitzer Family - $54.00
Go get 'em Team Solomon! From the Priest's Family😁

Rosie Solomon - $100.00
GO FAM JAM!!! Cheering all the way from the holy land!!! Don’t miss me too much ❤️❤️

Boruch Stein - $200.00
run forrest run!!

joseph bistricer - $360.00
Uber is the way to go go go!!

Yosef Berman - $18

Feigenbaum Family - $250

basya shisgal - $200.00
in honor of our favorite niece & nephew. you guys rock!!

Gabriel Mittman - $350
Go Team Solomon from your favorite clients Mittman Electric

Tzivy & David Kopelowitz - $72
Go Team Solomon!!!! You create large footprints for us to try to follow!

Ernest Isaacson - $72
You go girl!

Warren Feierstein - $118.00
After all these years I am having a very difficult time trying to insult you! Kol HaKavod!!!

Shlomo Katz - $180
Go go go inspector gadget!

Anonymous - $270

RL-94 - $108.00
Good luck to the entire RL-45 family! Thanks for all you do. Tizku l'mitzvos!

Nasanel - $18.00
Your always my inspiration!

Jeannessa Rowland - $75.00
To My Work Husband Naftali & His Team. Go Team Solomon!!! Great work! So proud of you hubby!!!

Sheldon Mermelstein - $250

Baruch Cywiak - $100

Jacobs Family - $100

Tracey Riordan - $200

Baruch and Shoshana Cywiak - $180
We admire your tremendous dedication to the klal!

Anonymous - $2450
Go Team 718 Insurance! The Brookland Capital Team

Charles and Naomi Meisels - $50

Vitaliy Sarkisyan - $50
Go 718 Team!

Chava & David Goldstein - $$180.00
We are so proud of you!

Yisroel Safrin - $200
Go for it Bubs & ZayZay!

The Far Rockaway Lazars - $1000
In honor of TeamSolomon

Shima Solomon - $100

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