Melanie Solomon

Melanie Solomon

Short Introduction

Hi, I am training to run in the Miami Marathon on the Kids of Courage team this January. I'm running to raise money for Kids of Courage, an organization that is devoted to helping children with physical disabilities live life to the fullest. Please help me raise money so Kids of Courage can continue providing these children with amazing experiences

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About Me

This past summer I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer as a nurse for K.O.C where they flew sick children from accoss the country to Las Vegas and made it the happiest place on earth. The amount of love that is spread throughout this organization is incredible. I am so happy to be a part such a wonderful organization. Training is not easy, but neither is dealing with illnesses. If these kids can fight each day, if they can push themselves to go through hospital stays and treatments, I can do this for them. But I can't do this without your support. I need your help to raise as much money as possible for these kids. So please, help me reach my goal in raising money for such a wonderful organization to put smiles on the faces of these sick children. Let's do this together! Let's make dreams come true. #oneraceonemission


The Bananas! - $36.00
Go Mel!!! You're gonna rock this run! We're sooooo proud of you!

you will never know (: - $150.00
Goodluck on your race! Keep doing amazing things

The Brodericks - $36
Amazing Melanie! We're so proud of you!!

Maryles Crew - $40
We're rooting for you!!!

Dr. Piel - $100
Great cause, rock it!!

David Pillow MD - $100.00
It's people like you who make the world a better place!

Anonymous - $100

Anonymous - $38

Anonymous - $18

UTSW ER RN - $100.00

Anonymous - $50
Good luck!

Avigayil Rosenberg - $50
Wahoo!!! Yasher koach!!

Michal Leah Skaist - $36.00
Go Sis!!!!! Gluckkk :)

The Wolfs :) - $36
Good Luck Melanie! We miss you!

Shani - $36
You’ll be amazing! Cheering for you!

Anonymous - $10

Anonymous - $20

Mae R Ozeri - $18
Keep going!

Med City Pediatric Hospitalists - $80
We love KOC! Go Melanie!

Jennifer Hill - $40

Tanya - $100.00
Have fun and rock the event!

Roman Islas - $50.00

rachel Roseneberg - $50.00
Yasher Koach Melanie! We are so proud of you! Keep doing your good work

Dr. Huang - $40.00
Go Melanie! Rooting for you!

David Nelson MD - $150.00
Good hard, you'll get there. God bless you!!!

Anonymous - $36

Hannah - $25
Good luck!

Barry & D'vora Adler - $500
You are my Inspiration, keep up the great work.

Sarah and Rachel Watemberg - $216.00
Way to go Melanie!! Good Luck 👍

Anonymous - $10.00

Vivian Yael Sarne - $36
Good luck on the race,and have fun!

Anonymous - $35

Flax - $50.00
You’re a rockstar! Have fun!

Elisheva - $100
Your amazing Melanie!

Shelley Glazer - $50.00
Way to go, Melanie!

Cindy Stohlmann - $25

Caryn Peiser - $36
Kol Hakavod for your efforts. We’re so proud of you!

Grandma Shirley - $18.00
Good luck! I know you will make it!

Anonymous - $180

Anonymous - $18

Odalys Landaverde - $15
Thank you for all that you do!!

Al Vinney - $20.00
love you good luck!

Tammy Ryder - $100.00
You have such a kind and loving heart!!! Good Luck !

Sara Miriam Kaplan - $100.00
Good luck Melanie!

Kevan Beth Meadors - $20
Good luck, Melanie!

Anonymous - $82

Nekia - $25.00
You are amazing!!! And best wishes

NextLevel Tee - $20.00

Michael Rainer - $100.00
Glad you're running & not me!

Anonymous - $100.00

Kyle Mabry - $100.00
A worthy goal, run well.

Bill K - $40.00

Anonymous - $101.00
Keep on keeping on.

frank webb - $25.00

Anonymous - $40

anonymous - $100

Gods tool - $150.00
I am so proud of you. Keep the good work and spread Gods love

Zachary Schrieber - $36
Thanks for running and raising money!!

Brandon Morshedi - $150
What a great cause! Thanks for doing this for the kids. Wear good shoes, stretch and warm up before running!

Dr Brown - $100
Great cause. Proud of you.

Joshua Craven - $180.00

Kenneth Vandenberg - $20.00
Best of luck!

Anonymous - $40.00

Linnea - $25.00
Go girl! You Rock!

Anonymous - $36.00

Hale Hansen - $50.00
Strong work Melanie!

Sandra Balanciere - $20
Go Melanie!

Anonymous - $36.00
We are soooo proud of you!! You are truly an inspiration to all and we know you will blow this race away!

Abby cantrell - $278.00
Still want my name on a t-shirt! Or a kosher meal

susan sam - $50.00
Good luck Melanie

Anonymous - $50.00

Jennifer - $25.00
Good luck Melanie!

Donald - $50.00
You make me proud

Jon Hernando - $25.00
Do It for those who can't!! Proud of you Melaine!!

Auntie Kathy :) - $25.00

Anonymous - $20.00

UTSW ER RN - $20
Go Melanie !!!

Binyomin Moshe Vann - $72

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