Josh Seidemann

Josh Seidemann

Short Introduction

There are not enough words to describe what KOC means to its campers and their families. KOC is a beacon that inspires all who have the joy and privilege of encountering and being embraced by it. Please join me in supporting this wonderful, thoughtful and creative organization.

Fundraising Goal:

Raised to date:

About Me

I am about to put my feet where my mouth is - please join me on this wonderful journey to support KOC.


Anonymous - $457
Run, Josh, run!

Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Michal - $100
In honor of Avishai

Jill Canfield - $50.00
It's my pleasure to support a great cause!

Tiki Nussbaum - $180.00
Go Uncle Josh! I can vouch for the feeling of seeing these amazing children and young adults smiling when they feel the love they deserve. By you running this marathon, you are enabling them to smile again! Thanks for allowing me to do the easy part $$, while you do the hard part. Hatzlacha Raba!

Srivki and Shua Weisberg - $54.00
Good luck Josh, you got this!

Anonymous - $100.00
Go Blue! I mean, Josh! Thank you for helping to raise money for such an amazing organization!

Amy & Daniel Rothner - $180
Proud to support you and this worthy cause.

Lisa Brody - $36.00
Good Luck! Great cause. Proud to support you. Lisa & Leslie

Bernice Goldstein - $54.00
Uncle Seymour would be proud and I am too. Good luck!

The Berenstein Family - $100
Hatzlachah Rabbah

Anonymous - $36

Adina and Daniel Moses - $18
Keep running!

Anonymous - $36.00

Adina - $54
Good Luck! Thanks for sharing! What an amazing organization!

Yael and David Zinberg - $54.00
Go Josh!

rena & ephie - $360

Sharon and Michael Shimoff - $36.00
Go, Josh. Go!

Avi and Allegra - $100
Next thing you know it we'll be cheering you on in the NY Marathon! Kol Hakavod!

Lisa and Matt Solomson - $54
Good luck! Just keep moving forward one step at a time.

Hanna Zehnwirth - $25.00
go for it

Josh - what an incredible organization! All the best with your run.

Melissa and Chad - $100.00
Lauf schnell, Herr Doktor!

Debbie - $40.00
Way to go Josh

Elliot Goodman - $180.00
I know you can do it!

Judy & Mitch Taragin - $36.00
So inspiring!! Good luck!!

Ruthie - $120
I'm so excited that you are running this marathon for KOC! :) Go Dad!!!!

Naomi & Ori Carmel - $54
Good Luck, Josh!

carol & herbie lempel - $360
So amazing you're for doing this- wishing you strength, you already have courage!

Debra & Daniel Drang - $54.00
Way to go, Josh! Good luck!

Broth Family - $54.00
"Hills are great!"- said no runner ever. Just remember the faster you run, the faster you are done. We will be cheering you on, as we sit on our comfy couch eating junk food. Tizku l'mitzvot!

Rena Appel Schainholz - $54.00
Proud to support you and this cause. Hatzlacha Rabbah.

Frenkel family - $54
Great cause!

Devorah & Dean Grayson - $100.00
Good luck with your run and thank you for introducing us to this wonderful cause!

Becky Langer - $36

Falk Family - $54.00
Enjoy the Run!!!

Tammy and Milton - $100.
As usual, you "go the extra mile". We are so proud to support you in this endeavor for such an incredible organization!

Ben & Naomi Rothke - $100
Great runner, great race, great organization. Go Josh!

Simon Family - $36.00
It's just one foot in front of the other. Enjoy the race, the sights, sounds, and signs.

Elana Garfield - $36.00

Solomson Family - $100
Increasing our previous contribution to your efforts, in appreciation for your friendship.

Jane & David - $100
Josh you never cease to amaze us in all that you do! We are so proud of you & are honored to support this wonderful organization!!!! We are rooting for you!

Tzvi and Ilana Tuchman - $36.00
So happy to support Josh, Avishai and the great work of KOC. May you all have continued hatzlacha in all your endeavors.

Binyamin and Shlomit Edinger - $54
Good Luck!!!!

Livia Dunkin - $50
Go josh!

Joseph Cohn - $54.00
One foot in front of the other...only 26,200 times!

Tuvia and Carol Lazar - $36.00
Go Josh! You can do it!

Renee - $250
Better you than me! Thanks for taking one for the team!

Marc Katz - $50.00

Anonymous - $18.00

Aaron and Tamar Sheffey - $72.00
Go Team Seidemann!!!

Annick Abrams - $50
It's so way cool, what you're doing and why! KOA is amazing - thanks for introduction!

Rena and Leor Rapps - $50
Good luck Josh! Kol Hakavod!

Bierig Family - $180
This is so amazing Josh! We are rooting for you! Love from all the Bierigs

Chaya Weisberg - $18.00
Good luck! Chaya, David, Rachel, Emily and Annie

Menachem & Nechy Zehnwirth - $36.00
Josh, you never cease to amaze us with your sense of initiative and responsibility! We can't wait to see what's next on your list of accomplishments! Kudos to Renee, Ruthie and Avishai for supporting you in this!

Danya Tyberg - $18
Way to go! Good luck!

Arielle Cohen - $100

Shanna and Gary Winters - $180.00
We're on your coattails for this too. What an inspiration.

Ilan & Dina Simon - $36
Go Josh!

Chaim N Saiman - $50

Malka Koretzky - $18
Great cause and you guys are great people!

Gardonville - $50.00
We are proud to support you! Good luck!

Dina & Yeshaya Amitai - $36.00
Josh, Columbus salutes you!

Michael Zwick - $50.00
Hope to see you in Miami!

Moshe Goldstein - $36.00
Good luck Josh. We will all be rooting for you!

Ruthie Seidemann - $36.00
almost there!!

Linda Meyer - $10
Good Luck!

Shirley Bloomfield - $252.00
What a wonderful organization...and your marathon training fits right into our wellness program!

Michael Hourwitz - $72.00
Josh, great cause. In honor of Avishai and your entire family

Zev Hochberg - $54
Eminems? Isn't that bad for training?

Judith Shields - $54
So great you are doing this!

The Mason Jar on the Kitchen Counter - $77
Ouch. Every time you guys throw a coin, it hurts my insides. But since October, you have managed to heave more than $75 into my innards. Glad to help the cause. Go Josh Go!

Shara Paley - $54.00
Amazing!!!! Good luck!!!

BEN/SHERYL - $50.00

Frenkel Family - $36
Cheering you on in this final week!

!תזכה למצוות

Randi Azoulay - $180

Jerome and Amy Goldstein - $100

Stuart and Roslyn Bierig - $100

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