Sara Dovi and Elisha! Porush #TEAMDOVI

Sara Dovi and Elisha! Porush #TEAMDOVI

Short Introduction

Here we go again! Yet again, Dovi and I are honored to be raising funds for Kids of Courage by participating in a marathon this winter. Our goal is $12,000, please help us get there! No amount is too small! Elisha has joined #TEAMDOVI! Let's show him some support!

Fundraising Goal:

Raised to date:

About Me

I'm running for an organization that is very dear to our family, one that will service Dovi now and through adulthood. That organization is Kids of Courage ( Kids of Courage provides Dovi with an 8-10 day camp every year at the end of the summer. He's traveled more than I have-to Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, and Washington, Las Vegas. KOC essentially provides a mobile hospital to the hundreds of children and young adults who attend the program-complete with doctors, paramedics, and nurses. We are able to send Dovi to KOC knowing that the medical team there can give him the highest level of medical care-while he has the time of his life. This year, Dovi is again lucky to be pushed by the incomparable Moishie Gamss...they WON the wheelchair division in Phoenix last year...I can't wait to see what this year brings us in Miami! Go Team DOVI!


Renee Zucker - $18.00
You're Amazing!!

Susie Aryeh - $36
Go Team Dovi! You will always inspire me! Tizku L'mitzvos!

Anonymous - $50

Anonymous - $360

Anonymous - $18.00

Dovid and Brittany Ray - $36.00
We are rooting for Team Dovi!!!! The Rays

The Biders - $54
Dovi rocks!

Sara Miriam Kaplan - $36.00
Good Luck!!

Robyn, Randy, Micah, Judah and Ezra Cohen - $18
Good Luck!!

Chananya and Brina Dauber - $100
Go team Porush!

AlleyShopperDumpsterDiver - $36.00
You've got this. Love, Luna-tic

Anonymous - $18

The Steiner Family - $180
So proud! We love you guys!

Richard Goldstein - $2036
Ben , great organization , great programming , great families. Please send our best regards to your wife and Dovi. We will make the same contribution as last year $2036. Thanks ,Richard , Alan and all of us at Ludwig.

Jonathan Kushner - $360.00
I'm expecting you guys to beat my time, 4:24. Go get em! Love the Kush's.

Eliyahu Spirn - $18.00
Go Dovi and Auntie Sara!!!!!!! You guys rock, can't wait to see you at the finish line!

Ryan Morrissey - $1000.00
From your friends at Morrissey Construction: Good luck Team Dovi!

Robin Loeb - $36
Go Team Dovi!

Caroline and Hershel Barg - $360
Go Sara and Dovi!!! So proud of both of you. Love you!

Sholom Strick - $180
We love you Dovi!

Jimmy Akintonde - $200
Forward and onward team Porush!!!!!

Nochum Schapiro - $180
We love you Dovi - the Schapiros from LA

Wendy Robeson - $100.00
Go Team Porush!

Micha and Rivkie - $72.00
Go team Dovi! Yasher Koach and Hatzlacha! Love, Micha and Rivkie

Sruly, Malka, and kiddos - $36
Because who doesn't wanna be on Team Dovi!

Shira and Moti Ninio - $100
Go Team Dovi!!! We love you guys!!

Shuli Popel - $10

Dovid & Shosh Friedman - $18
Go Team Dovi!!!!

Anonymous - $100
GO TEAM DOVI!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi Pergament - $100
Go Sara and Dovi!!

Rachel and Richard Silverman - $21
In honor of Dovi’s 21st birthday!

Vito Corleone - $180
Great men are not born great, they grow great.

Emmet Fitzhume - $180
Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Annnnnd Doctor!

Yankaleh and Essie - $210
I just want to say one thing. WIN! WIN!

Ilana and Howard and Family - $100
Go Team Dovi and happy 21st!

Sam and Shuli Medow - $36
Go Team Dovi!

David and Ellie Merzel - $18
Go team Dovi!

Hannah Lebovics - $36.00
Go Team Dovi!

Anonymous - $250.00

Stacey Van Dyke - $100.00

Debby and David Sheffey - $21.00
In honor of Dovi's 21st birthday!

Miriam Lipnick - $21
Happy Birthday Dovi! Go Team Dovi!

Cory - $20.00
Happy birthday to such an awesome kiddo.

Brian and Michelle - $36
Happy Birthday!!!

Yehoshua, Freyda, Mordy, Yudi, Chayala, Atara, and (of course) Soshie - $36
Happy Birthday, Dovi! Squash kugel at the finish line!

Anonymous - $45
The Porush family is inspiring to all. So much love and happiness on Dovi's 21st birthday.

Abie & Barbara Abraham - $121
In honor of Dovi's 21st Birthday!!! Go team Porush!!

Michal - $100.00
Happy Birthday, Dovi!

Lebeau/Kress Family - $50
Go Team Dovi! Happy 21st Birthday!

Efrons - $36.00
Happy Birthday Week Dovi!

Baubie & Sabba - $100
With much love. We are so proud of you!

Anonymous - $36
Go Team Porush*!!!

Anonymous - $36.00
Run Dishes!

Tova & Michael Perl - $36.00
Go Team Dovi!

Rachel Grossman - $36
We love you Dovi!

Simcha Spirn - $36
Lets go Auntie Sara and Dovi you guys are awesome!! Can't wait to see you in Miami!!

Steve and Cheryl Karesh - $72.00
Go Team Porush. We are very proud of you!! Dovi will be the "leader of the pack"!

Rachel Tzipporah (Koenigsberg) Klein - $100.00
Good luck!

Rachel Sara & Shimon Jacobs - $36.00

Anonymous - $100

Ellie and David Merzel - $50.00
You did it!! We love Dovi! You always amaze us!

The Shanik Family - $54

Batyah and Benji Cohen - $36
Kol HaKavod!!

Jeremy and Rebecca Amster - $180
Good Luck! Go Team Dovi!

Dovid & Shaindy - $50.00
Awesomeness!! Good Luck from the all the Kompels!!

Aaron and Tamar Sheffey - $180.00

anonymous - $180
Go Team Dovi!!!!

Lisa and Michael Glass and family - $54
Go Team Dovi!

Anonymous - $500.00

Yehuda and Dina Schonfeld - $100
You guys are the best!!!

Shifita - $18
Wish I could run with you rockstars! Run hard and run fast! Good luck!

David and Rochie Porush - $200.00
Go Team Dovi!!! We love you!!

Teaneck Sheffeys - $54
Run Sara run!!!

Elan Magence - $100

Menachem and Tovi Kirshner - $18
In honor of Dovi, Elisha, Jakie, and Shana and their incredibly special parents, Sara and Benji who humbly go above and beyond as parents while keeping things normal and fun. You are an inspiration!

Ezra and Kira - $55
Go Porush Family! We love you!

Anonymous - $18.00

Katten Muchin Rosenman Foundation - $1050

Walker & Dunlop Matching Fund Program - $50

Online Donation - Sara Dovi and Elisha! Porush #TEAMDOVI

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