Yaakov Levine

Yaakov Levine

Short Introduction

Hi, I am running the Miami Marathon on the Kids of Courage team. Kids of Courage is an organization that is devoted to helping children with physical disabilities live life to the fullest. Please help me raise money so Kids of Courage can continue providing these children with inclusive (and amazing) experiences of a lifetime.

Fundraising Goal:

Raised to date:

About Me

My name is Yaakov Levine. I am 20 years old and come from Silver Spring, MD. I am currently in yeshiva at the Talmudic University of Florida (aka Zweigs). This past summer I had the opportunity to spend part of my summer with Kids of Courage (and it was the best one I ever had).


Abba and Ima - $100.00
Run Yaakov, Run!!!!!!!!

TB & Uncle Steven - $100.00
We are always proud of you!!!!

Neil Gross - $50.

Eli & Yehudis Feuer - $100
Good Luck!

Grampa and Grandma - $50.00
Go get 'em. We love you.

Bracha and Shmueli - $100.00
We love your Fruncle!

PAUL SILVER - $18.00

The Sambergs - $36.
Hatzlocha Rabbah!

Esther Leah Cohen - $100

Hillel Shaps - $18

Jose Arroyo - $100
I'm proud of you for doing this for a great cause.

Ashira Marks - $88
Tizku Lmitzvos!

Shimon Levine - $75.00
Good luck, Fruncle!

Anonymous - $100.00

David Bernstein - $36
Hatzlacha Yaacov!!

Anonymous - $50

Ehrenpreis Family - $50.00
Tizku l'mitzvos!

Don Barnes - $100
Great cause and great effort!

The Gottlieb Family - $36
B'Hatzlachah, Yaakov!

Cathy Sebag - $36.00
Kol hakavod!

Mary Ellen Beall - $100
I think it is just great that you are fundraising for such a special purpose! Goid luck in the Marathon! Mimi

Alan & Rachel Kluger - $100.00

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