Adena Lebeau

Adena Lebeau

Short Introduction

I have taken on this challenge of running a half marathon to support the courageous kids, extraordinary staff, and wonderful KOC organization. I am taking my first steps so that they can keep on flying and reach new heights. Please help me in my efforts to give KOC a chance to soar!

Fundraising Goal:

Raised to date:

About Me

I am running for Kids of Courage because of the years of joy they have given to my son, Ezra, and to so many others. For the past 10 years, KOC has provided Ezra the opportunity for independence, adventure, and friendship. Nothing says it more than the smile on his face when he talks about memories of his trips around the United States. Ezra was born with Familial Dysautonomia and requires medical supervision throughout the day. KOC provides full medical support while making sure that everyone has a chance to travel with no obstacles. I have taken on this challenge of running a half marathon to support these courageous kids, extraordinary staff, and wonderful organization. I am taking my first steps so that they can keep on flying and reach new heights.


Karin, Jacob, Hannah & Sophie - $250.00
Way to go, Adena!!! We will be rooting for you!!

The Rosens - $250.00
Way to go, Adena!

The Steiner Family - $180
Run, Adina, run!

Sandy Starkman and Larry Pachter - $36.00
In Honor of Ezra Kress- a very special young man- we hope you are able to go somewhere fun again very soon- Bhatzlacha Adena - With love-

Tammy Adina Dorff - $100
What a wonderful idea! May the running bring you joy and a sense of purpose as you embark on the next decade. Best wishes, Tammy

Leora Joseph - $100.00
In honor of my friend Ezra, who is pretty awesome !

Marlene and Ed - $36.00
L'chiam and mazal tov. May the miles and smiles, travels and experiences of all be wondrous!

Samara and Paul Fisher - $54.00
Run, Adena! Run!

Anna Mohl & Mitch Revsine - $250
To your continued courage & extraordinary accomplishments!

The Solomon Family - $180
An amazing mom running for a wonderful organization! Wishing you all the best.

Ellen and Maurice Elias - $250.00
Good luck Adena!!!!!

Anonymous - $36

Tamara Charm & Oren Weisberg - $180
Amazing- a half marathon and for such a great cause. Good luck with the training. Ezra, we are counting on you to make sure your mom stays on her training schedule!

Nathan, Sandra, Lily and Jacob Avrunin - $54.00
We are excited to see you down here in January!

Reena Glazer - $100.00
Awesome and inspiring! Sending encouragement, strength, and much love.

Anonymous - $54.00

Harvey and Joan Bucholtz - $100
Good Luck, Adena. Your entire family is an inspiration. In honor of Ezra and you we make this donation.

Aryeh, Keren, Mimi, and Caleb Lebeau - $180.00
You are an inspiration to all of us! We are rooting for you every step of the way :)

Anonymous - $50.00

Sherri Lerner - $36
Run, Adena, Run! You not only make your family proud, you make us all proud!

Abie & Barbara Abraham - $100
In honor of the great Ezra Kress! Run Adena run!!!

Michael & Vivian Aronson - $180.00
Way to go Adena! Very proud of you and wish you only the best.

Ron and Leora Isaacs - $36
Go team Ezra!!

Jonathan Ehrlich - $36

Colton-Max Family - $36.00
Run Adena and Go Team Ezra.

The Landau Family - $180.00
So inspiring! Good luck on the run! And raise lots of money!

Jon, Randi, Talia, Shachar - $250

Sara, Josh, Harry & Isaac Stopek - $54
Good luck, Adena!!

Stacey and David Leibowitz and family - $180

Deener-Agus family - $118
Go Adena!!

Sharon Waller - $200.00
So proud of you for taking this on for such an important cause!

Suzanne, Barry, and Elliott Langman - $180
We are with you every step of the way!

Lopatin Family - $36
Go Adena go!!!!

Stephanie and Rabbi Benjamin Samuels - $18
Kol HaKAvod Adena and Ezra!

The Ronnen Family - $250
Great idea Adena! Have fun and good luck!

Cheryl Magen - $18.00
Adena, What a wonderful and brave challenge! Mazel Tov on the new decade and wishing you a safe and successful marathon. If you need any pointers there's a guy I work with who has run marathons before....:)

June and Sid Kress - $500.00
Run Adena run for this wonderful cause! We are so proud of you. Lots of love and good wishes.

Andrew & Chaviva Kaplan - $54
Kol HaKavod Adeena. You never cease to impress and inspire.

Julie Zuckerman & Joshua Kulp & family - $180
In honor of Ezra! And in honor of Adena's 50th and first half-marathon - wow!

Wendy and Mitchel Rosen - $18

Anonymous - $18.00

Sara, Adam, Talia, Dena & Ilan - $180.00
Go Adena go! We're proud of you for tackling this challenge and we can't wait to hear about your training and progress.

Marla S. Zirin - $50.00
In honor of your entire amazing family. Run like the wind, Adena!!

Anonymous - $180

The Mevorahs - $54
We are rooting for you Adena. Wishing you the best.

Dorie & Bruce Levin - $180
The sheer joy that Ezra has experienced over these years with KOC will motivate you through this run. (But you're still a little crazy!)

Linda & Al Tondow - $36

Susan & Michael Karpoff - $100
In Honor of Ezra and having incredible neighbors. Enjoy watching you do your practice running now Good luck

The Burkes - $54.00
Go Adena and Ezra and the whole family! You are awesome and inspiring!

Anonymous - $100.00

Brian, Lisa, Shayna and Ari - $180
Run Adena Run!

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