Eli and Yael Langer

Eli and Yael Langer

Short Introduction

Hi. My name is Eli. My wife's name is Yael. We're running this January in the Miami Marathon for Kids of Courage. I haven't ran in over 10 years, so I'm a little nervous. We're trying to raise much-needed monies for Kids of Courage. Can you help? I need a push (pun intended).

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Mich - $100
Race you to the finish line..! Good Luck!!

Anonymous - $18
Go 4 142!

Abie & Barbara Abraham - $51.42
Gooo Mobley's Chulent!!! jk jk Good Luck 142!

Anonymous - $18.00

Fayge & Chaim Kasdan - $54

Tannie & Mitch - $180.00
You guys are AWESOME!

Anonymous - $52

David & Peninah Langer - $360.00
What you do for KOC is amazing! This is above and beyond!! You’re winners already ELI and YAEL!!❤️🥇


Dubby and Yossi Eisen - $36
Yasher Koach for participating in raising money for this worthy cause. Wishing you Hatzlacha in the marathon!

Anonymous - $100

Akiva & Rivka Leah Glatzer - $100

Yitzi and Shira Langer - $100
Go Yael and Eli!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ilya Bromberg - $25
In memory of our beloved daughter Liliya.

Varda & Hudi - $100
The two of you have such big hearts. May Hakadosh Baruch Hu give you the strength to see all your deeds to success

Alan J Langer - $100
You guys are awesome - continue to make everyone around you smile until 145 minimum!

F261 - $261
Go Go Go and make sure it doesn’t take longer then 142 minutes.

Daas Wellness - $18
For the greatest marketer in the world. We hope you make it to the finish line.

Yakir & Elisheva Biegeleisen - $36
(C)hang in there Eli, it’s almost Shavous

Bracha Ten - $150
You got this!!! 👊🏻👊🏻

Anonymous - $360

Langer Management - $118.00
Hey kids: Here’s a last minute motivational boost: We are donating the money set aside for you to take an Uber to the finish line, so now you have no choice but to run the entire race! This is for a Refuah shelaima for Savta, Esther bas Tzipa!

Mr. & Mrs. 143 - $143.00
In honor of Eli, who can always be counted on to "back you up". Go show 146 that you can do this!!

Me - $18
Cause your such a great hatzoolah man and inspiration for entrepreneurs

Anonymous - $50

Good Luck!

Esti - $50.00
Good luck! Guess we won’t be seeing you on Friday:)

Anonymous - $18.00

The DICTATOR - $76.00
RL142 u promised me ur going to run I dont care get to the finish line make sure ur butt makes it there money doesn't grow on trees for me

O.T.O - $40.5
Never forget your humble beginnings, and never stop growing higher and higher. TYFYS #StickerKing

RL145 - $144
You are THE man!

Mo Davidowitz - $72
Good luck!

Shragi and Riki Chafetz - $18
$18 for my faith in you that you'll really try to run for a full 18 minutes

Daniel Pearlman - $36
Good Luck! Just make mandel jealous!

Chaim p Lubinsky - $25.00
Thanks for the chair!

Pinny Fischer - $131.00
Don’t trip over the finish line !!!!

Yitzchak Eliyahu Tuvia - $50

Nathan - $50
Thank you hashem.

Sol - $25.00
I don’t cave to public pressure

Ely Shilian - $36
Goochee goochee

Zvi Auman - $18.00
In Honor of Eli and Yael From Brooklyn!

Yossi Deutsch - $18
Good luck

Yossi Deutsch - $18
Good luck Another donation for such a nice shout out !

Yosef Elefant - $50
For a brother-in-laws brother or a sisters brother-in-law. Either way, HATZLACHA on the first run!!

Anonymous - $100

ely horowitz - $36

Boruch Ber Berman - $100
Because I can't stalk your whatsapp status in stealth mode ;)

RL-94 - $142.00
Good luck Mr. & Mrs. RL-142! Thanks for all you do. Tizku l'mitzvos!

Simcha Brenig - $55.08
Best of luck from Gibraltar

David Elefant - $69

Uri Sprecher - $25
Almost there!

Avrahum Shilian - $206

Nachman Willner - $50
Hope you survived. Better you than me

Sam Ellenbogen - $18.36
Get Strava!

Samuel Tuchman - $18

TYH - $100.00
Thank you hashem You are running

Anonymous - $25

Shayna and Ezzi Ungar - $36.00
I couldn't not give after seeing you finish the walk!

Matt Dear - $18
Eli so proud of you

Neumans - $72
Go Eli go!

Anonymous - $657

Dovid and Eliana Schwartz - $50

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