Jay & Aviva Lachman

Jay & Aviva Lachman

Short Introduction

Please help us reach our goal of raising $6000 for Kids of Courage. Your donation will help bring light and courage to children fighting illnesses. Thank you so much!

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About Me

This past summer I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer for K.O.C. We saw the magic of the organization. They flew sick children to Las Vegas & made the "City of Lights" the happiest place on earth. This volunteer organization is dedicated to supporting sick children and their families 24/7/365. Help us help these courageous children.


Anonymous - $100

Yaffa Bareli - $134.00
Good luck!

Ari Nadler - $50
Good luck!!!! You’re running for a great cause!

Chaim Tuchinsky - $13.4

Ben Mandell - $54.00
Dr lachman thanks for all you do for klal yisroel!

Malki Nadler - $54

shmuel - $50
In Honor Of Ari Nadler

Sara Miriam Kaplan - $100.00
Good Luck!

Chayala Nadler - $18.3
Dear Yehuda, (RN-134 Former RN-183) I Am A Kids Of Courage Camper, It Is The Best Organization Around, Thanks For Supporting Us. Good Luck!!!

Yisroel Y Schonfeld - $107
Keep up the amazing work that you do!

Abie & Barbara Abraham - $100
representing the Murse crew!! Good Luck Jay!!

Quamrun Nabi - $40.00

M-ICU B-710 Rosenberg Family - $134
In Honor Of Ari Nadler & Jay Lachman, You Guys Are A Great Night Team!! P.S. Ari, Thanks For Giving Up Your Shabbos For Our Mother!!!!

Supriseeeee - $50
A deal is a deal!!!! Run run run!!!! Good luck and make me proud!!! :)

WorkMom - $360.50
So I can laugh while you wheeze your way through this! -the person who taught you everything you know😉 (plus .50 from CF)

Anonymous - $180.00

Samuel Selmar - $100
Big mitzva keep it up

Sharon Broyn - $100
Go aviva!

aron soloman - $360
Hatzlacha!! Keep up good work!!

Tzvi Chaim & Dina Yaeger - $50
In honor of a great friend, RN, EMT Jay. Keep up all the great work that you do for the klal. Hatzlocha Rabba!!

Anonymous - $100.00

Anonymous - $100

The Veghs - $100.0
Best of luck!!

Anonymous - $100

Gilles Gade - $360.00

Eli and Raquel Goldstein - $100

Chesky & Leah - $54

Shmaryahu & Tzippora Ryback - $18

Ivan L Fazekas - $134.00
Dollars for my thoughts -- I got a hundred thirty four of them as to why you're so awesome. It's truly amazing to see you work at the hospital full time -- then see you again in the ambulance bays on your days off as volunteer for the emergency service -- all the while knowing that you're pursuing higher education while supporting your family and now reaching even further to support others through this cause; well here's $134 -- In honor of your call-sign; I give you this amount as a token of my support for your beliefs. See you around, 134! All the best to you and your cause!

Yitzi & Chaya Sara Harary - $72
In honor of Jay and Aviva. Best of luck!

reena Gelbstein - $134.00

Yossi Nadler - $100
In Honor Of Jay & Aviva Lachman!!! Keep Up Good Work!!!

Raizy Nadler - $50
Good Luck!!!!!

Shea & Chaya Klein (Nadler) - $50
Hatzlocha On Your Run!!! Keep On Helping People!!

Anonymous - $150

Q44 - $44.13
In honor RN134!! Keep up the GR8 work!!!

Yaakov Mo & Chanie Miller - $50

Anonymous - $180

Yehuda and Dina Schonfeld - $100
Keep up the great work!!!

Yossi & Rivky Sharf and Fam - $54
Good luck Yehuda! You still never beat me in running :)

Anonymous - $134.00
134 from 132

Anonymous - $129
Don't break a leg!

Anonymous - $36.00

Anon - $20

Steven Maniatis - $20.00

Ari & Chany Profesorske - $258.00
In Honor Of Jay & Aviva Lachman!!! Keep up your great work!!! You guys are such a inspiration!! I wonder who will make it to the finish line first....I got my money on aviva!! lol.

Anonymous - $100

Anonymous - $100.00

Adir Farbman - $100
In honor of 134, Always thinking of others. - the "backups"

Yekusiel Nadoff - $100
To the best hatzahola member and world best nurse and good friend continue the good work

Avigdor Wolf - $100.00

YFisch - $50
So proud to work alongside such an awesome, devoted and dedicated individual (who always has a Gemara nearby) Go Jay!!! Hatzlacha!

yechiel bamberger - $50.00
Keep up the good work jay!

Yitta Braun - $18
In honor of the single and ready to mingle Rachel Friedman! Please find her a husband!

miriam pasternack - $100
Keep up the good work!!!

Jay Lachman - $180
(Want a Fitbit 2) Ty for awesome weekend!

RL-94 - $134.00
Good luck RL-134! Thanks for all you do. Tizku l'mitzvos!

Marc Fried - $180

Zahava Eis - $715

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