Rechel & Ityel Gronstein (Kamenetsky)

Rechel & Ityel Gronstein (Kamenetsky)

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Hi, I'm Rechel and this is my husband Ityel and we are running this year because we want to eat donuts and unlimited pasta and not feel guilty. Oh and also because we love Kids Of Courage. It's where Efrat gets to do things beyond her wildest dreams and where I met Ityel and our story began. To sum it all up, KOC is our family and it's an honor to run for donuts! I meant FOR KOC. We got a big goal and we can't do it without your help. Every bit (or big bit) helps!!!LIVE ON PURPOSE!


Yael and Yaakov - $36
Yay! I get to be the first one to wish you bracha and Hatzlacha! Sent with love for you, Efrat, and the whole family!

Nani - $180
Proud of you thank you KOC for making Efrat happy and giving us Ityel

Brenda and Yehuda - $100
We're so proud of you three! Lots of luck! Tizku lmitzvos

Yitzchok and Rachel gronstein - $72
We are the proud parents of this (kids of)courage-ous couple and we love Efrat! Get ready,get set...

Betzalel Akiva Sosne - $300
You guys rock!

Malka yittel - $20
Hatzlach!! Way to go

Leah Gronstein - $20
Good job keep up the great work!!! #dounts

Hadassah Sosne - $18
Ahhhh!!! You guys can do it! I suport you!! Good luck! And enjoy the pasta!;)

Aliza V Sosne - $100
We are very proud of your commitments and accomplishments!

Bella Rubin - $25
Greatest Duo!! Good Luck!

Sara Miriam Kaplan - $25.00
Good Luck!!!!

Papi & Mamie Vadnai - $200
Go Rechel & Ityel! We are so proud of our wonderful grandchildren! Love, Papi and Mamie

Leah Gronstein - $10
Keep it up!

Yehuda and Dina Schonfeld - $100
In honor of 2 very special people!!

Anshel /Ruthi Davis - $25.
Keep eating donuts and smiling!!!! Hatzlacha, love you all!!!!

Tzippy & Tuly - $100.00
Good luck!

Max Kamenetsky - $200

Didi Gronstein - $110

Ruben Vadnai - $36
Bon courage !

Tracy and Michael - $1000
You go, girl! Proud of you both❤️

Zalmy and Aliza - $100
Good luck guys!!!

Ben and Naomi Bollag - $1000
Wonderful work and great cause

Suri - $50
You can do this!!! Especially for Donuts.....

Uncle Josh and Aunt Chanie - $180
Have a blast, tizku l'mitzvos

Lolly Jozefovic - $136.00
Awesome kids from an Awesome family! Good Luck!

Lolly Jozefovic - $136.00
Awesome kids from an Awesome family! Good Luck!

Teacher Terry - $36.00
I have been humbled to have known Efrat and her family for many years. Through work and through personal admiration. There are some children and families who stay in your heart always. Efrat and her family has been this for me. ❤️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Rosi & Terry - $100.00
We are so proud of you Dear Efrat - our high expectations have become your living reality! We are always cheering you on! You’re a ⭐️! Rosi & Terry (your fan club) 🤩💋❤️😍

Yonathan Gronstein - $36
Keep up the great work go Gronsteins go

Bryna & Shmuel Kurtzer - $100
Go Team Efrat!

Ditza and Naftali - $36
Good luck Ityel and Rechel! We love you and are so proud of your dedication to KOC!

saadia zakarin - $150

Yaacov Gronstein - $36
Go Gronsteins!! You got this!!!

Rosie Grossbaum - $18.00
You guys rock!

miriam kirzner - $180.00
You guys are AWESOMELY ‼️

Batya Bogo - $50
Just for the doughnuts!

Guila and Raphy - $500

Ary k. - $180
I want to he a rockstar like you!!!!

Laura Shamma - $40

Nathaniel et Rivka Vadnai - $125.00
Bon courage!! We are proud of you!

Michal Moradi - $50.00
GOOD LUCK!!! Have fun :)

Lil bro - $36
For Efrat! From 27th😉

Nani - $10.00
Acharon acharon chaviv

Grand papa grand maman Gronstein - $100
Avec vous de tout coeur! With you with all our heart!

Leibi, Tzippy, Yitzi and Daniel Ptalis - $100
I feel so lucky to have been Efrat's counselor and a part of KOC. We love you guys and KOC! Best of luck!

RD - $36.00
We stand in awe

Shmuel & Alisa - $180.00
Keep helping Hashems children

Dovid and Eliana Schwartz - $100

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