Rachel Grossman

Rachel Grossman

Short Introduction

Please support me in this amazing endeavor. I am excited about doing another 13.2 miles for a wonderful organization. Jacob had a difficult time medically when he was at KOC this year. Dr. D, Abie and Yoni were perfect in taking care of him. I know that when he is in KOC's care he is happy and safe. Jacob wears a KOC t-shirt every night to bed!

Fundraising Goal:

Raised to date:

About Me

I am a mom of an amazing 19 year old young man. I am so proud of all that he has done.


Malkie Klein - $36.00
Wishing u & ur son much Hatzlacha & Brocha!!

Anonymous - $36

The Giddens - $54.00
Donating for all the smiles KOC brings Jacob!

Wendie Abramson - $18
Way to go!

Kathy LeMone - $36.00
Love you!

Anonymous - $36

Chantal Graff - $36
You are such an incredible person! I am very blessed to know you. xx

Harmony - $50.00
Another half marathon in the books- raising money for something my favorite monster loves! Happy birthday, Jacob, and good luck at the race, Rachel!!!

The Sigals - $36.00

Dina Shiner - $50
Love and hugs to you Rachel! What a great cause and for a wonderful 20 year old! Happy happy birthday Jacob!

Debi Zucker - $36.00

Fishbein Family - $100.00
We love you Jacob! Happy Birthday to an amazing guy xoxo

Merle Klein - $18.00
Happy Birthday to my Best Buddy. Go Rachel. You are such an inspiration.

Eric and Marnie Baer - $36
Go Rachel!

Julie Levitt - $18
Love you Jacob!! (and of course his amazing mother)

Beth E Shulman - $18.00

Jen Ryan - $36.00
Happy Birthday to an amazing young man with a wonderful family!

Jill Parker - $18.00
Happy Birthday Jacob🎈🎈🎈

Sara and Benjie Porush - $36
Happy Birthday Jacob!

Julie Kahn - $50
Happy Birthday to Jacob!!

Abigail B B Sivan - $100
Good luck on the run. Much love to you, Jacob, and the rest of the family. Abby and Milt

Anonymous - $18
Go get ‘me, Rachel

Jacob’s cousins and biggest fans - $100
Rachel - your love for your son and dedication to him is inspiring

Chris Ward - $25.00
Mom would be so proud of you and so amazed by Jacob. Love you, Rachel.

Wendi Bowers - $18.00
You are an inspiration to all. Good luck today! (A friend of Julie’s)

Shari Stadler - $50
Happy Birthday to Jacob! Your family rocks!

Abie & Barbara Abraham - $100
In honor of Jacob's 20th Birthday!! Happy birthday Buddy!! we love you soo much! oh and good luck Rachel on the run ;)

Rachel Grossman - $18
In honor of my sister, Ellen.

Anastasia - $25.00
Go Rachel! xoxo

Anonymous - $50.00

Anonymous - $54.00

NBAER - $36
We love you! What a wonderful way to honor Jacob!

Teri Robins - $36
You guys are amazing!

Holly - $50

Carol Johnson - $50.00
I support all efforts of FA patients and families.

Gary Heymann - $56.00
Go get ‘em!

Anonymous - $500.00
Rachel, great job for a great cause!

Chris - $40.00
You go, Rachel! Love you.

Anonymous - $100.00

Ken and Marla Brandt - $100
Good luck! Love you guys ❤️

Steve & Lisa Korol - $180.00
Rachel! Wishing you and your wonderful family all the best of good Health and Happiness in 2019 and beyond!

Sheri & Andrew Levin - $100
You go GIRL! and cheers to KOC!

Korols - $100

Jack and Naomi korol - $100

Anonymous - $25.00

Grandma and Papa - $250
In honor of Jacob and his wonderful,parents and sister! We love you!

Homler Family - $50.00

Scott Jaffe - $100.00
Friendship fighting FA

Debbie Solomon - $36.00
Love you

Lori and Brett Levitt - $50.00
We love you and will always support you!

Amy Charlson - $18
Go Rach! Go Jacob!

Elsy Baron - $50

David Fowler - $50.00
For Jacob, let's go all the way and get it done !

Anonymous - $18.00

Wasserman family - $50.00
In honor of Jacobs bday!! Good luck Rachel!

Betsy - $50
Go Jacob

Laurie and Lance Lucas - $36.00

Lee & Esther Erman - $50.00
Happy Birthday to Jacob, and love to him, Talia, Rachel & Alan -- what a fantastic family!

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