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Josh Dobkin

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Rebecca Dobkin - $250.00
Good Luck bro!

Josh dobkin - $325
Try not dropping out this year. You clown

Friends - $281
And I see your dad on the view volume will just cost us interest and tears I will buy you look at the job it is in the way of a restaurant day glasses are for sale doesn’t matter how much flu medication you need but here little bit I little cult of us will be fine what are you show me nothing we’re trying to voice to grow up So what time sucks doesn’t have to

Garebear - $36.00
Best of luck Joshiee!! Hope these miles go by as fast as the ones on your new rental. 😀🏃🏃

Yitzi Shaps - $36

Didi Kreindler - $36.00
Good luck Josh:):) You're gonna do great! (And if not.... there's always uber)

Anonymous - $152
Good luck

Chana Singal - $150.00
Thank you for driving me to 5 towns

Momo cohen browhowhow - $36.00
Josh Be carefull of your swimsuit erea and hatslacha in your run! Love you dude. I want to take you to the store and try on things. Browhowhohwowhowhwowjowjwowhwh You’re the man

Anonymous - $240

Pesachya and Esti Ackerman - $72

Akiva Landy - $180
You got this!!

Anonymous - $10
Babysitting money :)

Friends - $36
In the words of the great motivational speaker galantis, “ I wanna run away, I wanna run away” just run to the finish line tho. You got this joshhhhh

Other Family in Miami - $100
Good Luck Brother Josh

Ur bestie - $72
Don't get too close to your dog bro- best of luck.

Yonatan Gray - $18
because you asked so nicely

Shulamit - $100.00
It's a good thing you trained

Noah - $25

Mom - $300
I stole ur credit card mother :)

Michal Wulwick - $36

Esti Moskowitz - $50.00
Be sure not to forget your hemorrhoid cream for the run! Those things burn after a few miles 😋

BESTIE - $26
PICKLE! In the words of our greatest sage " WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?" Im deeply sorry i only have 26 dollars to my name but youre sadly aware that im the worst babysitter ever in the world. I LOVE YOU A LOT AND IM V PROUD OF YOU AND I WISH I WAS GONNA BE THERE! I HOPE YOU HAVE A SAFE UBER RIDE TO THE FINISH LINE BESTIE!!

Sara - $180
Like a flower in the Grove u have sprouted into, dare I say a genius! Run like u stole hot sauce from a pizza store and steal hot sauce from a pizza store. It’s like 3.95 a bottle now. Nobody got money for that! Good luck and don’t forget about the hot sauce!

Sarah Kaplan - $100
I want a selfie from the finish line. K thanks ☺️

Anonymous - $400.00

chaim bortunk - $50

They were - $72

Gdkxksjxbjx - $100
Bdjxbskanxvxu bsdudndkxndkcuudnxk nfhzjs cud dcjdksbb

The DICTATOR - $56.00
Run u can do it my money doesn't grow on trees u promise me ur goinng to run in nothing but ur underwear take pics I love u bro

Dovid and Eliana Schwartz - $100

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