Dr D & Avi Davidson #TeamD

Dr D & Avi Davidson #TeamD

Short Introduction

Kids of Courage is one of the most innovative and life changing programs anywhere in the world. The participants are the most incredible courageous individuals inspiring so many of us. The volunteer staff are truly the best of the best who give so much to make dreams come true for our Couragers. Supporting this run and this organization today!

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About Me

For the ninth year in a row, I will be participating next month in the Run for Courage along with my marathon partner Avi Davidson on behalf of Kids of Courage. As many of you know, I am the co-founder and medical director for what has now become one of the leading charitable organizations worldwide. Kids of Courage provides medically supervised travel and year- round programs for some of the most seriously sick and disabled children and young adults all free of charge. Avi Davidson, my friend and marathon partner for years, is an amazing young man who has met tremendous physical challenges with courage, humor and accomplishment. Approximately ten years ago Avi was seriously injured in a fall from a height which resulted in a spinal cord injury and an electrocution. The accident left him with paralysis of his lower extremities and the amputation of his left arm. Together we will make this marathon another successful adventure!


Dovid and Shayna herzka - $500
Go Doc Go!

Rachael and eddie hidary and family - $52
Good luck!!!! Our children are lucky to have you as their doctor!

Anonymous - $150

Anonymous - $36.00
In honor of Avi and Lea and all they they do on behalf of the Tampa Jewish Community

Brian and Marlene Lynn - $36.00
Good Luck !

Anonymous - $18

Celia and Jimmie Setton - $101
Keep up the great work!

Yehuda and Dina Schonfeld - $100
In honor of 2 amazing individuals

in honor of avi

Anonymous - $25.00

Allison & Elliott Adler - $125
Go Dr D! In honor of all you do on behalf of the KOC kids! Proud to call you our Cuz!

Adina Wallerstein - $180.00
In honor of Dr. Ditchek Binyomin and adina Wallerstein

Michael & Nina Shamah - $180
Tizkeh L'Mitzvot!

Steven Zelcer - $180
Thank you Dr D for all the wonderful things you do and for all your hard work! --Shloimy, Aliza, Shoshana, Adina, Gail and Elchanan Zelcer

Anonymous - $100

Teddy Ditchek - $1500
In honor of Avi and the other random dude he's running with ;-)

Blimi Gottesman - $36
Good Luck!

Aviran Nachum - $501
Best of Luck Dr.!!!! Claire and Aviran Nachum

Shmuel & Alisa - $100.00
Our favorite Dr. Dr. D.

Bern and Davidson Krewe - $180.00
To our favorite team, keep on rolling! May all of you go from strength to strength!

Anonymous - $1000

Steve and Teena Ditchek Korman - $72

Abraham Podolsky - $1800

Andrew Liebhard - $180
Run like the wind! Thank you for everything that you do for us. Aryeh and Esti

Lehrman Family - $100

Sharon and Ray Haber - $12000

Ruby and Stuart Ditchek - $1800

Anonymous - $500

Aimee and Michael Podolsky - $1500

Dovid and Eliana Schwartz - $50

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