Yossi Colman

Yossi Colman

Short Introduction

For the past 7 years I've had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing organization. Our goal is to brighten up the lives of children and young adults who experience a daily struggle as they battle life debilitating illnesses. Please help me reach my goal so that you too can brighten someone's day!

Fundraising Goal:

Raised to date:

About Me

My name is Yossi, and up until a month ago, I couldn't run a mile 🙂


Anonymous - $100

Chason Danzig - $36

Anonymous - $300

Yehoshua Freed - $36

Anonymous - $500

Anonymous - $180.00
You go go!!

Anonymous - $180

Nachman and Miriam - $36
Good Luck! We are rooting for you!!

Babby and. Zeidy. Colman - $100.00
We love Yossi Colman!! Yossi, no matter what speed you run, you are a winner! We’re proud of you!!❤️🌺🎈😍

David Freedman - $50
Good luck!

Leonardo DiCaprio - $200
Good luck dude, you got this! -Leo

minsky - $54

Sarah Lipoff - $50

Anonymous - $36.00
Wohooo!!! Run Yos Run!!

Anonymous - $500

Anonymous - $1000

Zahava - $36
Good luck!

You very proud parents - $100
You never do anything halfway! We're so proud of all that you do for this organization. Keep it up!

Anonymous - $50

Anonymous - $180

Abe colman - $100
Great job. Keep it up

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